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  • Come on Runners World, start to consider your loyal subscribers and stop with this unnecessary jumping through marketing hoops! We've logged in to your website already so why try and make us log into another one to enter a competition??

     How about making this competition work for everyone rather than signing into Sport Pursuit, then clicking today's competition and then being sent back to Sport Pursuit's sales site?????

     Isn't it time you rewarded your loyal readers and subscribers rather than just those you're trying to sign up???

  • still can't enter image


  • no competition on their site! no post about advent calendar on their facebook! no word about it! I am disappointed. I like your page and your comps - but PLEASE dont co-operate with such sites as sportpursuit. Seems that they dont know about involving (sponsoring) to your advent calendar. Really - pitty. So many days we come here and without any chance to enter. Send them "our warm greetings".image(( Its minus 6 here in my place...
  • there is a section at the bottom of the sports pursuit website that says you have to log out if you are a member then it says to re-enter e-mail & password to be automatically entered into the comp, i agree there is no conformation that your entered but wouldn't be a rw comp without a few glitches!
  • Hello

    This week's competition is hosted by Sport Pursuit. Next week, we're back to running them in the traditional way on the RW site rather than a partner's. This was a different way of running a competition and we have taken your comments on board as food for thought for any future competitions we run.

    To enter, just fill in your email address in the lightbox that comes up with each day's competition. There is no confirmation email, but the lightbox only appears once - it disappears once you've entered until the next day's competition.


    Katie RW

  • Clicked on the link and just get taken to sport pursuit website. Can't work out what to do
  • Day four and still its not working, feels a bit like groundhog day! Can see me changing my subscribtion to Running fitness! 
  • Same as Tink. Just a link to SP site...nothing advent related at all.
  • This is rubbish! Sort it out RW!
  • Where is the comp then I cannot find it last two days sport pursuit given me the run round but no COMPITION
  • Struggling to find this as well - even though I'm logged in to SP and RW........I think the comp should now run till 12th Night to ensure we can all access the comp properly image

  • Hi Katie RW,

    Great that you're reading this, but taking into consideration that this competition isn't working for the majority of users, why not change it and re-run it to get it right rather than let it drag RW's reputation for competitions and subscriber loyalty down even further? Surely the sponsor doesn't want to be associated with a shoddy promotion either??

  • groundhog day continues.......
  • It really doesn't feel like I've entered when I click on the tree above. I get taken to the Sport Pursuit website but nothing refering to the competition. Their website says to log out and in again via the competition lightbox but can't see that anywhere in explorer or firefox. Logged out and in again via the normal account pull-down but still no confirmation!!

  • Hi

    As Jeffrey says, you have to log out if you are a member then re-enter e-mail & password to be automatically entered into the competition. 

    Next week we resume to running the weekday advent calendar competitions here on RW. Apologies for those who've had problems, we have taken your comments on board.


    Katie RW

  • Ok I doesnt like Chrome either I give up 
  • This simply does not seem to work. Clicked through on the "Login Here" link that appears when RW takes you to the SP site. That just takes you to the "create account" login, and gives no more options.

    Are we all doing something wrong, with no way to tell if we have enetered, this competition is not being run in a fair way.

  • Just out of curiosity, has anyone NOT had problems? I also haven't seen anything posted on when the winners will be announced. Have I missed that?

  • Been in every day, yet to see the light box...bought some good kit tho' Still, a bit disillussioned...never win anyway but like to dream I'm at least in with a chance

  • it will be very interesting to see the list of the winners.i would be more interested to see the list of those actually entered

  • I think I managed to get in to yesterday's draw - not quite sure though - had to log out and then in again etc etc we shall see!

    Hopefully Monday will be back to normal soon image

  • Wow.  No-one cares that this doesn't work do they?
  • RW are giving things away for free! No complaints from me...
  • I think they tried a different approach but it hasn't seemed to have worked and so are going back to the original methos.

     But sadly it seems that this might not have been planned as to me the prizes now are not as good as they have been in the past........

    but as kirk says its something for nothing and someone has to win. image

  • The same shoes every day??? Is this really what RW are trying to promote??? 

  • Im not sure whats happening to other people trying to enter, but it has been fine for me since the start - Ive just logged in, clicked on the current day and answered the question to enter the competition. I dont know if it makes a difference but Im using Safari as my browser.... image
  • Does anyone know where the winners names are posted? Or do we get an email if we win?


  • Kelly DP,

    I had a hard time finding it too. I ended up turning to google to help me.

  • In the Community Blog. Of course!  Why didn't i think to look there! image

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