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  • Just had my lunchtime run 12miles in 1hr 17mins brilliant, fingers are still a little cold though.  Still when I got back my laptop was just finishing its upgrade form IT so excellent timing.  Time for a decent coffee I think.
  • Nice running you deserve to be going to Paris thats a fair lick you are going at are the nerves holding up?
  • 12 miles in 1:17 is awesome! At the moment dont get lunch break (i know i am a fool) but as our team is being restructured, i am planning to change that . . . running in the centre of bristol is a nightmare! Has anyone got any suggestions of routes around bristols...? 

  • gingerbread mouse wrote (see)

    I don't get lunch breaks either. I tend to work 18hr 2pm - 8am or 6hr shifts. No breaks. I'm lucky, some people here work 3 or 4 days straight through. (we are allowed to eat just not a lunch break). Because I work in group homes with adults with learning difficulties you can't actually do anything without being followed by someone.You have to make sure you bolt the bathroom door properly as well. (A mistake I've made just the once image).

    Working Time Directive?

  • Don't get enough time for a lunchtime run image


  • Just seen this thread. Run at lunchtimes only over the winter. Too hot and so sweaty other times of the year. No shower! Have to wash the best I can in basins. I use to travel the whole of West Sussex. absolutly brillient! Could run in Ashdown Forest one day, then around Thorney Island the next. Shame now only Bognor Regis to Worthing now. That still means a good chunk of the South downs and The South Coast and at most times of the year if I leave my run to later, the south part of the Weald on the way home. Lucky me! Does mean  have to get in early or work late to make up the time.

    Happy days!

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