I just want to say a very big thankyou to all those who got me through my bad patch last week Thanks V-rep for encouraging me to go out running on Thursday night. It turned out to be the best run i had ever had, even my foot which i have have had problems with for about 3 weeks didn't give me any probs.

I went out with a group most of them a lost faster tham me,we all got lost and i got left behind, way behind. It turned out that i did most of the run on my own but because i was playing catch up i ran faster and further than i had ever ran. Only about 70mins but that is far for me. and i didn't feel any pain in my thighs, tired legs but not painfull legs.

today i was determind to go further than that so i could build up to my half marathon. got lost again this timei was on my own. Had a great time really enjoyed myself. Was able to get a lot of thing sorted out in my head.
I ended up running for 100mins. I know you shouldn't build up distance that fasr but i got lost and wanted to get home as soon as pos.

I now know that i can do this thank to you lost and your support.
My legs ach so much but that will pass.

I can do this. I can do this.



By the way i have a new identity too
Jelly bean. That is what my friends call me. don't ask me why.


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