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  • I'm looking forward to seeing the plan? Theres so many out there not sure which one to go with!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Gazelle just choose one that suits and stick to it!
  • Yeah, the RW ones aren't exactly dripping with endorsements.

    I'm interested to hear how the science bit went on Saturday. I had a freebie VO2 etc session done in the summer and I wasn't sure what to do with the results apart from thinking "that's interesting" so I'm interested in how all the results will feed into Rosie's training. 

  • Rosie A wrote (see)

    Simon - great! Will certainly have time to meet up for a chat. PM me nearer the time and can sort something. I know many good suppliers of hot beverages in the vicinty of the start/finish so if you need any recommendations just shout.. The last two years the race distance has been reduced to around 4K as it's been run on fairly deep snow and the high road round the park has been too impacted with ice to clear, but so far it's not looking too bad. I shall be doing three times daily course inspections (aka being walked by puppy) from now until then so if you need any updates..

    Excellent, will keep in touch - I'd be fascinated to find out more about Saturday and your training programme. Hope weather stays good, not that there's anything wrong with a plodge in the snow, like!

  • oops, I just wrote a super long, detailed and fascinating** post, and neglected to save it so lost it when it was too long. I shall try again! For now, Hello! to Gazelle, We wish you a shaggy christmas, and Hark the Herald AA's sing, great to see you on here image

     **I'm only claiming that because you can't read it now, mind.. image

  • Wobbly - The BUPA thing was really interesting, thanks. Did you get any interpretation with your VO2 session? They talked us through our individual results on Saturday and some of the stuff from mine did seem potentially useful in informing my training. As soon as they send the report to me (they are posting it) will happily put info on here if that's useful. Trivia wise the assessment was also interesting. Had never realised my BP goes down when I start running!! image I think I was all stressed without realising it sitting there being asked questions about my health and then when I got on the treadmill I suddenly felt loads better image
  • So the long message which I lost was partly an apology for absence - been doing nights and have a big PhD deadline tomorrow so after work and running and feeding Dug I've been switching on the laptop only to find myself asleep in front of it without having even made it to the forum several hours later. Falling asleep in the vicinity of an weimaraner is a perilous business, as I'm sure some of you will know, usually in that situation I'd wake up to find him right in my face, sitting on my head, or practising pressing all the keys he can on the laptop until it does something interesting - he really does worry me sometimes - but this morning I woke on the sofa (again) with him fast asleep on my chest, making the night spent dreaming in a variety of scenarios that I couldn't breathe suddenly make a bit more sense. Hopefully normal service will now resume! The training plan starts boxing day for those hoping to follow it. Sam sent me a draft by email so I'm going to look at that now and hopefully details will be posted soon!! I can't wait image 

  • Is Sam tweaking the RW's schedules for you? From the other threads it sounds like they're being more personalised than in previous years, which should be a good move.

    On the session, it was a taster to persuade me to pay for a full blown assessment, so they kept the analysis quite brief. I know my VO2 is 49 and I burn carbs and fat efficiently but it wasn't clear how to take the info and turn it into something useful for training, so if you have anything more helpful to share please do! 

  • seren nos wrote (see)
    any feedback on the weekend........clothes given.advice given and what shoes they have recommended as well as why and what shoes you have run in the past in.image

    For the past three years I've run in Saucony progrid Ride's (several pairs!!) and on having quick gait analysis in running shops have always been told I have a very neutral gait. I'd sort of presumed Saturday morning would reveal much the same (especially as asics having paid for the shoes they weren't trying to sell me anything) and was looking forward to being told to get myself a pair or Gel Nimbus or whatever. I've not had any injuries running the last few years (except those caused by my inability to negotiate rocks/dogs/lamposts, and sadly I can't blame those on shoes, much as I'd love to) so wasn't expecting any gait analysis revelations.

    Anyway, after a 3d foot scan (I am easily seduced by gadets, but this was cool, and worth it if you're in soho with 5mins to spare - the asics shop is argyll street), and about 6 goes on the treadmill with video gait analysis, it seems actually I over pronate. I can be pretty cynical if I think people are trying to sell me stuff, but the especially the female staff member from the asics store (unhelpfully I didn't get her name, but if you see her on the video or photos from the day and you get chance to go in I'd say grab her if you can - she really seemed to know loads more than I'm used to expecting people to know about shoes) was fantastic and even I was convinced by the video evidence. So I now have a pair of Asics Gel 3030's. I've done about 50 miles in them so far *both cringes and waves if Sam reads this!...the 10 miles a day every day habit will be stopping once the plan starts I know!!* and they are fab. So surprised but happy. image

    Kit wise, it was a free choice of stuff, weirdly one of the most surprising finds was an arm pouch/key and phone holder thing that actually fits me! I have quite small upper arms compared to the rest of me and all of the other arm carrying things I've tried (and I've tried a lot!) have velcro straps which are too big to close around my arm unless I do some sewing or put loads of twists in the strap. This one was only £10 but has an elastic strap, which is also adjustable, and it fits perfectly. I wish I'd got another one for the other arm for dog bags/emergency dog biscuits..  

  • Wobbly - yes Sam is adjusting it to fit with my needs. Think we'll be explaining why it's been adjusted too so people can choose whether to follow the original schedule / the adjusted one/ to make their own adjustments. Am just looking over it now. Exciting stuff!

    No probs re the VO2 max stuff - as soon as it arrives I'll post stuff up

  • knight rider wrote (see)
    Hi Rosie, good to meet you on Saturday in that there London town, hope your journey back was okay, do they only sell tennants super on those trains? It was a pretty full on day by all accounts - it still hasn't sunk in yet, which i know sounds weird! Very surreal having photos in the middle of Regent Street.

    Hey, yes the photo experience was random - hopefully they'll have one they can use so everyone else will get to see it and will know what we are on about!.

    Re: the train - it actually got worse after I posted on Emma's thread, for the last hour north from Berwick there was signing* too.

    Happy Christmas if I don't speak to you before - and good luck for boxing day training start!!

    *if you can call it that  

  • Why start on Boxing Day? You could get a sneaky long run in on Xmas Day? image image
  • spoons imageimage. Christmas day running is very good I think....did my first ever parkrun on Christmas day last year, in the snow too.

    Rosie - I love your tales of Dug. Our last dog was a rottie, and when he was young he used to sleep in our bedroom, then jump on top of one of us (usually me) to wake us up in the morning. Being landed on by a 45 kilo monster is really not fun!  And he would also try and sleep between us, which would have been OK except that he was so big he took all the duvet with him image.  Still, he was happy image

    Sounds like a good day in London then - I like the idea of free kit image. Gait analysis is a difficult science I think...the last time I tried that way to choose shoes they said I needed completely different ones for my left and right feet as I have differences on each side....needless to say I got custom made orthotics and neutral shoes....

  • Spoons - heh, I love the idea of a sneaky long run on Christmas day! Definitely up for that. image Will you be running at Christmas?

    Freemers - ouch, 45kg of enthusiastic rottie has got to hurt, I feel winded just imagining it! I love the look on their faces when they are happy and flying mid air towards you to wake you up (Dug likes waking me up so much he does it when I'm already awake, which can be inconvenient!).

    On a dog related tangent, has anyone else tried a Leuchtie light collar? The street lights went on outside my window at 1436 today, but cheeringly on getting home Dug's has arrived. E.g.

    I shall try to pursuade him to be still* for a picture

    *this could take some time..

  • Rosie A wrote (see)
    . I've done about 50 miles in them so far *both cringes and waves if Sam reads this!...the 10 miles a day every day habit will be stopping once the plan starts I know!!* and they are fab. 
    Damn I wish I had that kind of bad habit!
  • Rosie - yes I will do a long run on Xmas day. I'll be in bed until lunch. Run 1-4pm. Then get drunk image
  • Spoons..normal day then??!
  • Pretty much AA - just without the inconvenience of going to work in the middle image
  • Surely the middle bit if it was a working day would be the run?image
  • If only. No showers at my work and lunch breaks are frowned upon image
  • Seven miler in bootiful sunshine today in one hour and two mins about my marathon pace.......first day of holidays, need new shoes shopping trip to Meadow Hell next week with Asics voucher to kit out three of us hopefully.
    Happy holidays all!
  • image Loving the long run on Christmas day plan!

    Running round Holyrood park today the signs have just gone up for the road closures for the Great Winter Run. Is anyone else (Simon P and girlfriend already noted) in for that? I know it's only 5K, but you can always do the course more than once! (OK, with regard to the training plan, [of which inclusion of the Great Winter Run is one of the personalised amendments], I didn't say that! I shall, for this year, obviously only be going round once...). Really excited about starting the training plan now I've seen a draft. Looking forward to it being posted on here next week. Next week! Woo!

     You're a braver person than me going to Meadow Hell the week after Christmas mcs. I used to live near the peak district and remember trips over there well. Kudos to you for dedication to the cause there..

  • I did that 5k three or four years ago. Obviously not exactly PB worthy course bearing in mind you're either slogging up or clattering down a hill. Don't think my knees thanked me for it afterwards. Don't go doing anything daft now!!
  • Merry Christmas Rosie and good luck with the training plan.
  • Thanks Oscarr, Merry Christmas to you too.

    Heh, my 5K PB is on that exact course, Fraser image...Possibly partly why it looked like I was trying hard in Birmingham at the training day when I beat it running round the track.

  • I have booked a house near holyrood park for the Edinburgh marathon for may, is that where you are Rosie? All the best for the training schedule come Monday.
    Running with my brother in the am 40 mins tempo and then seven or eight Sunday slow. Have a good weekend.
  • Rosie - A chrimbo morning run sounds good before all the relatives come round to open prezzies later on. I've been listening to marathon talk, and I've just signed up to jantastic, which starts in Jan, as a bit of extra motivation. Minni has set up 'team minni' on the site, so I'm in her team, the more the merrier.
    I Hope you and Dug have a great Christmas if I don't hear from you before. The collar looks great btw.
  • It's Christmas Eve and that can only mean one thing... yes, Santa is on his way to Rosie's house with a marathon training schedule! image

    Training starts Boxing Day, so here's the plan for the first week, and a bit of explanation to go with it.

    I've used the sub 3.30 plan as the basis for Rosie's training. However, Rosie is already covering considerably more miles than what is suggested as a starting point on a weekly basis. The challenge for her is to introduce more structure and variety to her training, and some faster running.
    She also does a lot of her training on hilly terrain, so I have indicated some runs that I’d like her to do on flat, even surfaces so she can monitor and maintain pace more easily.
    I’ve increased the weekly mileage a little on some weeks, added in twice-weekly strength training and ensured she has a mix of the ‘switch off’ runs that she loves and more focused work. You’ll notice some days are Compulsory No Running Days. This is because Rosie basically never takes rest days (as you'll probably be gathering by now if you follow her thread!)  and I want to make sure she gets at least ONE a week. The other ‘Rest day’ could be an alternative activity day or a very easy-paced run, if she can’t resist.

    A 3:30 marathon is approximately 8:00 per mile. To break 3:30, you should eventually be capable of a sub-1:37 half-marathon (7:20 per mile) and sub- 43:00 10K (7:00 per mile). Right now, you should be running at least 25-30 miles per week, and be able to run for 1:30 non-stop.

    Slow = 9.15Easy = 9Steady = 8Brisk = 7.30-7.40Fast = 7 (For 800s or shorter, I want Rosie to try slightly quicker – 6.50-6.55) Rosie’s current paces
    5km pace @7 mins per mile
    10k pace @ 7.05 per mile
    Half mara pace @ 7.25 per mile
    Mara pace @ 8.10 per mile 


    Week One w/c 26/12/11 (29M)
    Mon 6M (miles) easy plus strength training
    Tue Rest
    Wed 5M slow
    Thu 3M of 1M jog, 2M brisk, then 1M jog (try to do this on flat, even surface)
    Sat 4M easy plus strength training plus 4 x acceleration strides*
    Sun 10M slow

    *Acceleration strides - I use these quite a lot in my coaching to add an element of faster running to easy/steady runs. They help you focus on running with good technique - try to turn your feet over quickly (high cadence) but stay relaxed and fluid. Start by running at a comfortable pace, counting 8 strides, then speed up a little for the next 8 strides, accelerate again for the next 8 strides and once more for the final 8 strides (the final effort should be swift, but not an all-out sprint). So each effort is 32 strides, or steps, in total. Walk back to your start point to recover and repeat.
  • The training plan looks very goodimage 

    I attend a session of circuit training on a Friday evening, could this be the same as strength training?

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