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  • Hi Rosie - Happy New Year - you really do need some rest to fully recover so you can do the rest of the schedule but knowing you I guess you will run today anyway !!  For me, it's watching rugby at 1pm then my beloved footy team Sunderland at home to Man City on Sky (that's the beauty of a May marathon so my schedule dosen't start yet!)
  • Ah, good scheduling there oscarr. I hadn't thought of the seasonal sporting advantages of a May marathon training plan before! Which one is it you're doing? I seem to remember it was The Marathon of The North but could have made that up due to your Sunderland link? According to my spreadsheet I'm in for that one too - I do have a problem with entering races! - so that'd be Paris, London, MotN, and Edinburgh in 6 weeks or something. Hmm. I'm not thinking about it for now though as trying to focus on Paris. WE'll see what happens after that I think

    tricialitt - fab idea about the HRM, thanks! I don't normally use one but have one with my garmin and know my resting HR when well so just going to work out some not-too-stressful ranges to stay within and head out

    Happy New year to you too Funny Hat!, hoping the 3miles was fun and as sunny and beautiful as Edinburgh is today. I really struggle to resist running when it's cold and sunny like this. [Well, I struggle to resist running full stop, but when it's like this it's worse..]

  • Crikey - I turn my back for a mere 8 days and all chaos breaks loose - glad you're on the mend and hope your GP friend is keeping an eye on you!

    2012 can only get better for you I reckon!  Can't believe you've entered 4 maras already you crazy lady - Robin Hood's date is still tbc as far as I can see.  It's yakky and raining here today so off to the gym for a gentle treadmill session ready for a xc race tomorrow. 

    How'd you get on today - I'd have gone for the rest til Tuesday option myself!  Try to take it easy and remember you've got loads of time til Paris and the residual fitness to get away with the odd rest day.  I once read somewhere that as long as you do 90-95% of a training programme you'll still get the same results as doing all of it.  Maybe someone can back me up on that and reassure you that you don't have to over do it?!

  • Rosie: Mate. Sorry to hear what happened, what a nightmare! Hope you get back to 100% really soon. Check the HRM.

    Make your friend keeps an eye on you... I read something similar to what Sleepy said too. Take it easy, get better and look long term.

    You've got a spreadsheet with your marathon entries??? You really are a running machine! (I am stealing that idea though...) image

    Happy New Year!
  • I put my races on Fetch

    Welcome back Rosie. Hope you're OK
  • Hi Rosie, just coming off the ceiling after a last gasp winner by Sunderland against Man City - fantastic !!  Yes, I'm doing the Mar of The North - it starts and finishes at the Sunderland football stadium.  Can't believe you've booked 4 races in 6 weeks - I think I do a lot doing 2 a year !!!

    I'm in the "if you feel unwell then rest until you feel OK" camp cos I think running with flu like symptoms can put you back further in the long run than the gain of the training run itself - if it's just a head cold then I would run but if fluey I would not.

  • Hi Rosie, what an eventful past week for you - hope you are on the mend now. I hope you have your sensible head on too and are taking it easy before getting back into the schedule - better to miss a few days now in the first week, than for it to not clear up properly.

    Oscar - couldn't believe Sunderand nicking all 3 points right at the end - what a match that would have been to have attended! Martin O'Neil is definately GOD!

  • Happy New Year Sleepy bear! Hope the xc race goes well. I tried to rest a little longer after posting but the lure of Arthur’s Seat on a sunny day was too strong so I had a 10M slow jog up the hill then round about. Was lovely, except that the whole of* the alleged 80 000 people who had been at the Hogmanay Street party last night seemed to be trying to take a New Years Day walk up to the summit at the exact same time as me. I ended up running down through Hunter’s Bog and across the path along the top of the Crags to avoid the masses. Very pretty but I’ll be glad when there is a bit more space there like normal.

    *possible slight exaggeration, a few of them may have been missing, but not many..

    BoDuke – hehe re: the spreadsheet! I will admit to a fondness for a good spreadsheet. The race one started as a way to organise myself a bit in terms of race entry as I was finding it really hard to remember which races I’d entered and which ones I’d just fantasised about entering(!), but has grown over the years and I keep all sorts of stuff there now. I have it set out as a calendar of the year (but previous years data for each race is there too where I have done it before) and all the races I’ve done / have seriously considered doing go in. I’ve actually only just started recording finish times and stuff there, it's been mostly for planning purposes. Most useful for me has been storing all the logistical info about travel/links to websites/race info etc in one place, as I found I do a lot of the same races year to year so it saves looking stuff up over again. It works a bit like a personal event finder for me too now it’s big enough as I add info in about races I like the look of when I see them advertised. It's had another function too - I've found that I seem to project all of my pre-race anxiety onto stressing about travel [it’s weird, not something I’m normally stressed about at all], so knowing I have that side of things under control on race day [to an extent] helps. It’s nice to have an overview of what I’m doing when throughout the year too. I’ve always thought that it helps me structure my race calendar too, but having just fessed up to having accidentally** entered 4 marathons in 6 weeks in April/May I’m going to keep quiet on that front! Does anyone else want to confess to running spreadsheets or databases? Thanks for reminding me about Fetch, Spoons, it’s one of those things I’ve heard a lot about but never investigated. Would you recommend it? Am off to have a wee look..

    **slightly accidentally anyway  


    Congrats on the Sunderland result knight rider and oscarr. I hadn’t realised the Marathon of the North actually started and finished at the stadium. I like the sound of that. image

    So, on the training front. - Am feeling fine after the 10M yesterday, but still going to have today as rest I think. Will probably go horseriding or bike and take Dug walkies then be ready to go for tomorrow's session at stupid o clock before work. 

  • Fetch is great. You can log all your training on there + races + shoes etc. There's forums too. Many of us are on there.
  • Rosie I hope you manage to abide by your rest day today! Would be great if you could email me what you did last week including pace you ran at for each run.

    I would have probably advised you to skip the long run, given the illness, but you seem to have got away with it image I cannot BELIEVE you've scheduled in three other marathons, post-Paris, in six weeks! If you train for Paris correctly and focus on quality instead of quantity I don't reckon you'll feel much like running another one a week later! But hopefully the pay off would be a PB.

  • She is crazy in a good way!!!
    Had a five mile tempo run in forty mins this morning then a nine km fell walk with about twenty relatives and friends so ready for loads of food!
  • Think we are all crazy in a funny sort of way!!  Very gentle 6 miles to start the year off - now for the exercise routine.

    Rosie - the Mar of North certainly starts/finish at the footy stadium but I think it is outside it rather than inside - they should publish the approved route in detail on their web site soon.  It's a must for me as its my home town.

  • So what's the plan for week 2?
  • Hi Spoons

    You might have missed it... posted a couple of days ago so here it is:

     Here is Rosie's next week of  training:

    Week Two w/c 2/1/12 (32M)
    Mon Rest (+ strength training)
    Tue 7M of 1M jog, then 3 x 1.5M fast, with 400m (3-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog
    Wed 6M slow
    Thu 4M of 1M jog, then 2M (or approx 15 mins) brisk, then 1M jog (try to do this on flat, even surface)
    Fri Rest (+ strength training) COMPULSORY NO RUN DAY!
    Sat Great Winter Run 5km race (plus warm-up and cool down)
    Sun 11M easy

  • 4 marathons in 6 weeks mad mad lady!

    I would love sub 3.30 at London so if you feel like a jog in the park/ a pace ladyimage let me know as I think we should both be at the same start if you got a gfa place.

    I completed 26.16 miles last week so will need to ram the mileage up for this week.

    Good luck for Tuesdays session

  • Thanks Sam

    Be interesting to see your current 5km pace Rosie - do you have a goal in mind?
  • Spoons. wrote (see)
    Thanks Sam Be interesting to see your current 5km pace Rosie - do you have a goal in mind?
    Hi Rosie, would also be good to know what your previous PB was on the Great Winter Run - I gather it's not 'exactly' flat (!) so how does it compare to your Bootcamp time trial result?
  • My previous Great Winter Run PB was 22:17 (2009), the last two years according to the interwebs I was slightly quicker if you look the results up, but 2010 and 2011 it was a sub 5K course as they modified it on the day due to the crazy snow on the high road round the park, so 22:17 is the 5K PB.

    I rarely run 5k so that was the PB before bootcamp. Actually, thinking about it, the GWR is the only 5K I’ve done image [note to self to get myself to a parkrun asap!]

     Good question Spoons. I hadn’t actually thought about it. What should my target be? I quite often* run that course and usually get round in 25-27mins depending how cold/windy it is, or much of a hurry I’m in, but that’s without really trying hard for a time. The last occasion I tried to do a time trial that route was last summer and I think it was around 23min something for 5K, but that wasn't race conditions and was just a sunny evening in the park so involved lots of dodging of dogs/swans/cyclists. What do people think? 22min? I’m still feeling a little run down after the sepsis thing, though loads better than I was, so don’t want to be unrealistic but I do like a challenge and can get demotivated if it’s too easy.

    *read several times a day


    Gazelle – sounds great – PM me nearer the time - would be fab to say Hi at the start if nothing else. I suspect if I'm there you'll be miles ahead of me as I'll be knackered after Paris. image

    As for the marathon binge in April-May, yeah, I know it’s a wee bit mental. I booked them ages ago though, and am really focussed on the Paris thing now, so have banned myself from thinking about them seriously until after the 15th April. I’m hoping, as Sam says, I’ll have a PB from Paris, have actually run significantly harder than normally (I do get really frustrated at myself being able to run like normal the day after my marathons and repeat them a week later as I feel I haven’t pushed myself enough in the race, which is part of what I want to change), and be completely unable to run a marathon a week later. Paradoxically being unable to run a marathon for that reason would be a real result for me! We’ll see..

    Sam, of course I'll email paces for last week through image, though sadly mostly the pace was stationary at a point somewhere on the East side of the Royal Infirmary image. Will probably do it after session this eve so then can report on that too.

    So, day 2, the plan today is: Tue: 7M of 1M jog, then 3 x 1.5M fast, with 400m (3-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog

    An extremely early surprise from work meant this didn’t happen this morning, so I’m off to do it this tonight. Unfortunately due to the crazy wind here and the dark meaning fast work has added peril if you are as accident prone as me, it may be indoors on a treadmill.. Does that count?

  • I think 22 is a sound aim, and saying this having no idea how hard the course is or how busy. But you ducked under the 22 for the time trial (flat, even surface) so it sounds like a formidable but possible goal. I'd be interested to see how you fare at Cramond parkrun (flat) in a few weeks time with a bit more speed work/focused training under your belt.

    Look forward to getting your pace info through for those runs you managed - and yes, the treadmill sure does count! I'm afraid I resorted to it myself today, having missed the 30 minute window of opportunity when the wind and rain stopped this afternoon!

  • SamMurphyRuns wrote (see)

    I think 22 is a sound aim, and saying this having no idea how hard the course is or how busy. But you ducked under the 22 for the time trial (flat, even surface) so it sounds like a formidable but possible goal. I'd be interested to see how you fare at Cramond parkrun (flat) in a few weeks time with a bit more speed work/focused training under your belt.

    Look forward to getting your pace info through for those runs you managed - and yes, the treadmill sure does count! I'm afraid I resorted to it myself today, having missed the 30 minute window of opportunity when the wind and rain stopped this afternoon!

    Great, 22mins it is! Though if the wind on Saturday is anything like it was when Dug and I were at the top of Arthur's Seat a couple of hours ago I'll be glad to get round in under 30! (general note, admittedly climbing large hills in this wind is inadvisable, and in our defence we weren't going to go that route tonight as it was so bad, but he was led astray by a beautiful spaniel carrying a frisbee). Am definitely going to schedule in a parkrun. Am thinking about the following week - week three of the plan (Saturday 14th?). I have a 4M run that day according to the schedule so could I do it as part of that? Or as well as?

    Hehe, I know what you mean about that 30min window today!. It was slightly shorter than that here I think, though cruelly I was trapped by a window for it's duration so got to witness the sunshine and easing up of the crazy wind while totally unable to make use of it.

    Right, I've written down the paces for tonight in km (the gym I'm going to only has km readings on the treadmills and I'm not good at doing lots of conversions while running), I just need to extract my keys from Dug* and I'm off..  

    *he has taken them hostage in an opportunistic [I'm hoping it's opportunistic not planned anyway!] attempt to barter for extra biscuits and is currently mock-guarding them in his bed

  • Can really recommend the whole Park Run system. I finally did my first two (New Years Eve and New Years Day) and reckon they not only give you a fast run ...but motivation and feedback on progress especially if you are doing the same course time & time again.

    Funny but after years of almost only hill running, I am enjoying how accessible the tarmac is rather than having a drive at either end of a run.

    Dropped you an email on the Carnethy 5 entries image

  • I may brave my first park run in a couple of weeks - nearest is Brighton so a bit of a treck. Bit worried that it will be full of super slimjim types who will laugh at my ploddy and wobbly style! image

    Glad you are on the mend Rosie - although clearly your mental health is slightly questionable - 4 marathons in how long?!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the email Graham. Definitely up for those! image

    Hey Emma. Hope you do get to a parkrun, would be good to compare notes. I've pencilled one in for Saturday 14th Jan, but realise it's probably a lot easier for me to find a free Saturday morning than for you to. You're an inspiration finding time to run with your commitments. And woo!, my mental health only *slightly* questionable. I am loving deserving a modifier before a statement of my mentalism. I shall use this as evidence of my relative sanity.image

    So, to the session tonight (Week 2 day 2):

    The plan was:

    7M of 1M jog, then 3 x 1.5M (or 10 mins) fast, with 400m (3-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog

     I did (on a treadmill so easy to get paces exact!):

    7M at easy pace (9min miles), then 3 x 1.5M (7min mile for first one, then 6.55 then 6.50) with 400m jog recoveries and 1M jog home*

    *thanks to the owners of my gym for conveniently building it exactly 1M from my house, perfect for tonight's session!

    Seemed to go fine. Really enjoyed the more speedy bits, though possibly enjoyed it too much as on the way home was feeling all distractedly happy and managed to run right past a friend who is a paramedic who was stopped by the shop near my house. Apparently he was standing on the pavement, in his uniform, right by the ambulance, so I did miss a few clues that it might be him. I just aimlessly beamed at him and swerved round him instead. Ooops.. image

  • Good session there Rosie, it's good to get a bit of speed under your belt - good luck for the Great Winter Run. Hi Emma, most Parkruns have a good mix of people turning up, so enjoy!
  • Nice one Rosie. Looking good image
  • Good run Rosie things looking good for you.

    Had a fell walk with a loads of friends on Monday and met a lady who joined up with us friend of a friend from Edinburgh into running she lives near Holyrood Park, how strange is that. Small world, we ended up talking for an hour or so on what we had got up to, turns out she was big in bodybuilding in 1999 and represented Scotland!!! Then she became a runner!!

    Have a good week.image

  • Hi Rosie  - did the overall run end up at nearly 13 miles or 7 miles in total. ?

    Just looking at how it was written it looked like a 7 mile run to me, but your post made me think you did nearer the 13 mark.

    no problem either way, and only asking out of curiosity image

  • Many congratulations on your selection! My name is Ruth, the Pro Team Dietitian. I am really looking forward to following your journey to Paris. You certainly have motivation and will power!

    I will only be on your thread a couple of times per week  but I will do my very  best to answer all questions!

  • Thanks Ruth. What do you suggest I do with all these tins of chocolate I have left over from xmas? Eat them all quickly to get them out the way or spread them out over the month? image
  • my first marathon i hit the wall at about twenty miles despite taking gels every fifty mins and having done reasonable well in training and taking on water. Do you have any suggestions. I am six foot two, slim build and twelve stone. I eat fairly regularly in daily life and healthy too, I have the Coeliac condition. Think I might need to eat something solid in the third hour of the marathon........any thoughts......? Thanks in advance.
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