Your ultra running objectives for 2012

What are they?

Where to you hope to be at by xmas 2012?

I had a particularly good 2011, which saw me complete my first 50 miler and my first 100.  That is going to be a tough act to follow up on. 



  • hi Ben, you made a big dent on ultras in 2011 thenimagemy targets are to complete my first marathon, then my first 35mile ultra and my first 50miler in August...may see you in 2012 for an ultraimage

  • I am cutting back on running in 2012 to concentrate on ultra triathlons...doing a double ironman in only ultras prior will be the Wye 50 in not booking anything up this year post June as want to let my body recover properly without heading into the next big challenge......
  • My challenge will be to complete a 100 miler. That's it.
  • I'm going to wait and see how my 50 in Feb goes, before making any further plans. Although The Wall is definitely in the back of my mind, as is the holy grail that is the 100.
    Great 2011 Ben.
    Good luck with the ultra triathlons, Seren, I think they may lay in wait for me too.
  • My main challenge this year is to do a 50 miler with lots of miles in the legs.  Heres hoping to an injury free year.

  • Pilgrims challenge then Comrades........periodically wonder what on earth I was thinking! Oh and the grizzly - not an ultra I know but it's quite tough apparently!
  • Im hoping to build slowly, first 30+ in Feb, then Round the Rock in July. Wait and see how that goes. A few more trail marathons through the year. I'm not in a hurry but will get to the 100 sooner or later, probably image
  • The Grizzly is great! It's the perfect warm up for any ultra! image
    I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to overcome present tendon problems and be able to run ultras again this year. I feel so lucky to be able to when I can!
    My current dilemma is whether to cancel my Pilgrims entry or whether I'll be miraculously cured and back up to some good miles in time. :-/
  • My first ultra is Country to Capital, 44 miles in January.  So I'll see how that goes before making any brave predictions for the rest of the year!
  • Good luck with that, Andy. I have my first one in February, so please come back with some advice following your event.
  • TH2: thanks very much, will do.  Which one are you doing in February?
  • The Thames Trot, mate. Of course if you find your one hellish, try to make it sound easy.
  • Got my first, "baby", ultra 19th Feb (London 50K) then hopefully NDW 50 in August. Probably Croydon half, and maybe a marathon in late spring.
  • TH2 - will do - I'm sure these ultras are pretty straighforward image
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    One goal, to get through the Thames 100 in march in one piece!
  • Tiago Hefner 2 wrote (see)
    The Thames Trot, mate. Of course if you find your one hellish, try to make it sound easy.
    i second thatimage.....please tell me they are all brilliant and you would run them again instantly . i am very excited at seeing my name on NDW50 list now and want to remain boingy until the very dayimage
  • Hi Guys,

    My target is to complete the clyde stride 40 this year having only done 30 last year.  I think I have learned a lot from it though.  Any training plans you could suggest?



  • London Ultra, NDW50 and at least one marathon a month on the other months.  The idea of swimming in cold dark water puts me off Triathlons, but hats off to all you Pirates!
  • Two goals: 1 complete the NDW50 (my first ultra) 2  complete it under the cut off image

  • Thames Path 100 in under 24hrs

    Caesars Camp 100 within the (now reduced) 28hr cut off

  • To complete the Thames Path 100 and have a crack at a marathon pb attempt probably at Abingdon.

    Also finally run a 10K been running now since 2004 and never got round to it

  • As vegieboy and louismaxy know, I am in the Thames Path 100. 

    I have taken a bit of a risk by signing up for the Viking Way Ultra only five weeks later. 

    After that, there will still be plenty of 2012 left for further misadventure!

  • I had a woeful 2011 that included three months of injury and a DNF at the NDW100.

    All I want for 2012 is (a) To be injury free and (b) Finish both the TP100 and NDW100.

  • Okay, I've now entered the Manchester Marathon, so it's London Ultra (50K) in Feb, Manchester at the end of April, NDW 50 in August (not actually put my pennies down for that one yet). Possibly Croydon 1/2 at the start of April, but that depends whether enough other of our club members put their names down to marshal etc. - of course I could ask for a marshalling position near the start then start late after cheering everyone else on (I did that for the Croydon 10K, started while most people were finishing; but I hadn't entered officially so I still don't have a proper 10K time).

  • Dill 

    Don't feel too bad about the NDW100, it had a pretty brutal attrition rate (yet alone if you are taking it with a history of injuries).  It was getting close to the 50% mark, and that is in an event with a 40 mile race as a qualifier!

    If you make a habit of taking on races with a high attrition rate, you are going to get a DNF sooner or later.  I haven't yet, but I am resigned to the fact that I will sooner or later! 

  • Only one goal - just to complete my first ultra - the Salisbury 54321 - 50k.

  • To finish my book.

    And not to embarass myself at Barkley.

  • James

    I would be interested to hear a bit more about this book. 

    Respect for taking on Barkley. 

    I think I will let you deal with that one. 

  • keep the mojo - the Salisbury 54321 is a fantastic 50k. Lovely scenery and the most amazing ancient yew forest to run through! (Amongst other beautiful castles, country estates, cathedral etc)

    Beware of eating too much bread pudding at the checkpoint in the forest!
  • Thanks Ben

    I was crushed by my DNF. I was the last person to pull out at St. Marthas, 87 miles. My crew made me stop as I had lost the use of my right ankle and could no longer put any weight on it. In hindsight  I should have stopped 20 miles previous but at the time and for a month after I was inconsolable.

    I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone and hope you finish everything you ever enter.

    Now excuse me while get off my knees in the presence of a Barkley entrant.

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