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  • Sorry how is your ankle?
  • Hi all

    Roy - good run, I'm impressed! Question is did you wear your tights ???

    K - keep the ankle rested and take it easy, if it still hurts and pulls when walking you aren't ready to run! Give it time, it WILL get better! Look at me, I over did it in beginning Oct and am only just getting back into it, better to take little more time now than be frustrated as hell for a while later, my thoughts anyway.

    Keeny - I agree with K on the whole sis issue, it's all very good to help, but you have to do your own thing too. I'm sure that even Sis will understand that you're needing to do more than her.

    My garmin is fantastic, in my opinion super accurate, light weight, so comfortable, really easy to use, easy to read, easy to charge, easy to download and once downloaded so much data/splits/stats available on each session and as a report for whatever you want!

    Had an easy (ish) day today, did 10mins on the cross trainer tonight, forgot how much hard work they are. Didn't want to overdo it though as I need legs for my run tomorrow.

    With regards the legs burning/jelly effect, I feel it in my thighs on the cross trainer, but tends to be the calves on my runs. I know from before though that it will get easier, with practice image

    Planning to start with my 3.4k tomorrow and see how I feel I might extend it out to 5k, see how it goes.

    Happy running image

  • Hi Keeny
    I think you should focus on yourself during the training as running is a personal thing where only the runner themselves is responsible for motivating and challenging themselves. I speak as someone whose sister has specifically said she doesn't want to run with me cos I'm too slow! But if younhave enough time in the day then maybe it's ok to do half with her and then a proper run on your own later.

    Re marathon training plans I would recommend the one on the RW website.

    Marmalade I'm so glad to hear the garmin is good. Can't wait to try mine once I've reached the target of running for a solid thirty mins.

    I'm due for my last run of week two tomorrow - run 2 mins walk 1 x 7!
  • Evening all! image I went for a very muddy run this afternoon, and managed my longest ever! Rather slow as it was a bit claggy. I'm now on week 3 day 2 of my C25k and am walking 5, running 12, walking 5, running 12 walking 5. Went a bit wrong today as I misjudged my route and was rather far from my car when I was supposed to be finished. Ran a bit of the way but then walked as I am finding the way this programme builds up is really good and didn't want to do too much extra.

    I have googled your garmins (I had no idea what you were talking about!) They look fun if a bit huge! image
  • Hey still in work been here since 8 this morning. My toes are absolutely killing but im on my feet all day and after that run they hurt loads!

    To.answer the earlier question i have been running 2 weeks. My job involves me walking round.on 15 hour shifts so i will have basic stamina and fitness.

    Ange i didnt wear the tights....the stick id take in work off my staff would not be worth the pain lol. I will on sat tho lol.

    Oh and by the way i put in for a park run on sat woooo wish me luck
  • Everyone is doing so well, well done image i'm jealius image Rachel its great that ur sticking to the plan to the book, how many weeks of it do you have left?

    ankle is easing up thankfully, have a really busy weekend ahead so first scheduled run back is monday morning and i cant wait already, first time in my life i've looked forward to a monday image

    Everybody keep up the good work, all doing great, if i dont manage to speak during weekend i'll let u all know how i get on with run on monday night image take care guys image

  • Havent been on here for a couple of days and seemed to missed out on SOO much...all seem to be doing a great job on the effort.
    Well I have kept up with the core conditioning class on Wednesday and have been cycling everyday on the school run. Run planned for Saturday and Sunday.

    Just had a call from a local charity to say they would love me to do the London marathon in 2013!! It is one of my long term goals but considering I am building up to achieve 10k it's a long road ahead! I am not too concerned with time just as long as I come in front of the guy in the deep sea diving suit!!

    Do you think it's do-able? Planning to do 10k then maybe a 10 miler and go for an autumn half? A aaargh! Think I m going to need you guys more than I thought!
  • Hey gem. There is no reason why in that time u cant do a thinking similar time scale to myself. Id love to run for but i believe u have to raise absolutely loads of money.
    Keep up good work.

    Kirstin i love mondays its usually my day off.its like my weekend off off most of the day now i think i need to relax as doing that park run in the morn.

    Anyone running today? image
  • Hi all

    Gem - Brilliant news on London 2013, I think that you'll be fine, remember you are doing everything right, building up well and you have logical steady goals to get you there! RW have a good mara training plan which would prob be worth a look, also advice on food/hydration and the post run not overdoing it sort of thing. If you've got January issue RW there is a quiz to help you pick the best training plan also, looks like it goes from nothing to mara too so should be ideal for ya!

    Roy - I get the staff issue and the tights, sure you'll see the benefits though and may even decide they are the best way forward image 

    I've been out today and bought some new tights/tops/hi viz gear! That was of course after I'd been for another run 3.44k in 22:39 and it felt great, or should I say I felt great!!! It was windy, raining and rush hour traffic all around me, but I was loving being in my own little bubble, or should that be me and the Garmin in a little bubble image It is fantastic, love it and it is proving to be so very accurate.

    I'm off to see my parents this weekend so not sure how much I'll get done this weekend. Mum has said she wants to start so going to go out with her for her first session over the weekend!

    K - good to hear you are resting the ankle, please don't rush it, if you feel pain stop and walk. image

    Rachel - Brilliant run, you'll be running 5k in no time, better get myself into gear and start increasing the distance or you'll all be leaving me behind.

    Keep up the good work everyone!!!

     Roy - Have a great park run!!! Don't sprint off and you'll be fine. Can't wait to hear how you get on image

  • Yes - know what you mean about raising lots of money for charity - I will enter the ballot but probably wont get in as havent done so far! I really want to do the london mara just to say I have done it so I have already set up a mararthon fund so I put away a bit each week to go towards the fundraising - As a stay at home mum I just dont have the contacts to raise lots of money from others. Its mad though - I have a couple of charities that I would love to run for that are already booked up for 2013!!
    What I need to do now is forget about the distance and focus on the immediate goals and not push myself too soon.

    I know what you mean about being in a bubble - just me, my music and the open road!! No little boys saying ..mummy can i have, mummy come here, mummy where is my, mummy I need,.....etc - I love them to bits but running does me the world of good.

    Roy - Have a good park run - look forward to hearing all about it.

    Hey a quick question - to those who run with music - whats your favourite tunes to get you going?
  • I think we should all be called the tights shrinkage with those bad boys on anyway haha. Weather is rubbish today. I hope it won't be tomorrow can't be doing with tht on run.

    Ange good time and it sounds like you're really getting into it. New gear eh, now who's all fancy image.

    Gem I'd love to listen to music but it tends to get in the way of me when running....I concentrate on trying to keep the earphones in and the wire out the way....maybe that's just me. If I was though I'd be listening to chariots of fire or mc hammer 'can't touch this' hahaha!

    Happy Friday everyone image
  • Gem - I'm sure that I'm not speaking out of turn to say we'll all sponsor you, may not be a lot, but hopefully will help. I know when I used to raise money my parents would take forms to work, the local shops would chip in etc so everything is possible image Sure you'll get there!

    As for the running to music, I can't help you with that, I just have me, my garmin and my own thoughts, quite often arguing with my body that I can keep going, that I can do it image

  • Roy - good choice of music! Sounds like tights are getting to you now, in a good way image

    Yeah, can't wait to use my new gear, will save on the trying to turn around on the laundry too! It is my last gear spend for a while though, need to put next lot of money on sorting my diving gear out image

  • tights crew - I love it!
  • i no i would defo sponsor image

    MC Hammer?!?!?! For real? oh Dear.

    TBH i like dance music, has a really good tempo to run to, not the hardcore BOOM BOOM BOOM stuff, more chart dance music. got last years ministry of sound running trax, would seriously recommend it, its got a 30 mminute warm up track compiled of seriously good songs to help you ease into a pace, it then has playlists to keep you at a steady pace for eaither a 5k, 10k or half marathon (i dont have halfmarathon one yet) then a thirty min cool down playlist to slow you down and it keeps me pumped through out 10 k races, its fab.

    while i'm training just now it has to b Mr.David Guetta, LMFAO, the GAGA, Kasabian and Chase and Status, all really good tempo tracks image couldnt run without music x

  • Lol kirstin I was messin yeah I'm in to my dance/trance even abit of clubland. But I'm trying to slow down not speed up hehe.

    This week just hit me like a brick wall just got in from work about 1 and fell straight asleep face first (didn't hurt anything though). Hope I have enough energy for tomorrow. I just need a printer now to print out my barcode lol.

    Birthday in ten days so where we haing the bash? KIrstin you bringing your cd's? Copied ones I beg lol image image

    Ange I haven't worn them yet lol my excuse is that it has warmed up abit in last couple of days.

    Gem if I can get in I'd happily do it with you.
  • Birthday in 10 days! Is it a big one??? We could all go for a run to celebrate, but you'd have to stick at our pace Roy!!!

    Know what you mean about it warming up a bit, but it is still very wet out there!!!

    Rest day tomorrow so good luck to all you running image

  • If 25 is a milestone then yeh image lol!

    Just got back from Park run....OMG very windy and hilly course hurt like hell!!!!  Forgot to ask for my time as I nearly collapsed at end lol but I will post the link up with my result when its up about dinner time.  Very pleased with it though and came in quite a respectable position.  Hurt but thoroughly enjoyed it image ......would deffinitely recommend it!!

  • Roy - your soooooo young!!!! Just think, it's one step closer to 30!!!!

    Brilliant park run, looking forward to seeing your time.  Don't know whether your course description is a good one as I'm planning on building up to doing a 5k! The park run in Liverpool, is it princess park? That's my local park run image Don't like the sound of hills!

    Remember to rest up, stretch out etc so you don't stiffen up!

    Have a great weekend all x

  • It is Ange yeah but i did the one in Pennington flash today near Wigan with a friend.  After speaking to some random bloke he said this one is so so hilly compared to princess park run hence why the times there alot slower than the liverpool run.  My friend went off to fast and i thought no way am i letting him beat me so i ran with him.  I was so tired I did nearly stop but kept going and he fell way behind me during the 2nd and 3rd laps.  Results should be up soon!!

     Unfortunately back at work at 2 so atleast i wont be sitting around to be stiff.

    Oh and by the way....All the guys where wearing tights haha!!!

  • Told you tights were the way forward. Penny Flash sounds good, my mate lives just round the corner from there so that is another option image

    Good to hear you sounding so upbeat, looking forward to doing one myself. Even thinking of aiming to do a 10k race image Thinking the Liverpool Tunnel run! From Liverpool to New Brighton through Wallesy Tunnel!!! Looks like hard work but fun, just need to be running more than 3.4k if I'm going to get there image

    Have fun at work, n don't work too hard image

  • Hurry up results lol!

    Kirstin hows the head? was it a messy one? image

  • HEY!!!! well done, sounds like u did great image

    plus................we either have same birthday, or i'm the day after? mines is 10 days time today JOINT PARTY ROY WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    lol, hows everyones weekend? running? x

  • p.s head aint too good today lol, ropey image

  • Sounds like it should be major party time!

    K- sorry to hear about the head, is it distracting from the ankle though???

    No running for me this weekend. Got a busy weekend though, shopping for running shoes with mum, might get me some more new tights too image Go-karting tomorrow and taking mum for her first ever training! Thinking going to do 5 min walk to warm up, then aim for jog 30sec walk 2min to start her off x 5, then walk 5-10mins to warm down. See how she goes. Want to do more than walk with her coz I know that she can walk for england so to speak, but looking at the c25k and the RW 8 week to run 30mins will I think be too much so after a half way start for her! Any suggestions????

    My other task for the weekend is to be there for my dad if he needs anything, he came out of hospital on Thursday after having his knee replaced!

    May have a glass of vino tonight to say happy birthday to you guys though image any excuse and all that image

  • When's your bday Kirstin? Also how old will you be?  Yeah we could take vino in our flask on a run and drink it to celebrate haha.

     Going to see if times are up.......

  • I think the walk run programme would be a good place to start...I think most people give in very quickly when they start to run because they try too much to soon and end up hating it.  Slow and steady i think!!!

    I think we should all enter an event later this year maybe a 10k or something and all run it and have a pint (at the end of course).  Would be a massive achievement for everybody....the running that is haha!

  • Brilliant time Roy - you've done 5k quicker than I do 3.4k!!!! Brilliant effort.

    Def like the idea of us all getting together to do a run, us girlies can stick together while you race off and we can meet you in the pub at the end for food and drink, I'm sure we'll all be starving by the time we finish!

    Think I'll go for the run/walk and see how she gets on, will report tomorrow, or maybe just maybe she will come on and say Hi herself, I have already registered her, but she hasn't had the confidence to say hi!

    Ok, food and shopping for me now image

  • Cheers ange.

    I take it her name on here will be 'ontoast' hehe.
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