Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • yep ..... sure could    image

  • I have not had the heart to warn the hotel bar staff of whats about to hit them.....


  • No pirate kit Meldy so will be wearing my local tri club kit on race day.. and I booked too late for pirate central so ended up in another set of apartments. should still be able to find ye for drinks i hope, if an imposter pirate is welcome. most important bit right? image

  • More than welcome New Shoes .. most of us have some kind of kit on most days, if in doubt just head for the noisiest group  image

  • OC,

      whats temp like in evening, do you need more than a t shirt?

  • Yes Foggy .. preferably some shorts as well    image

  • How formal!!

  • F.oggy wrote (see)


      whats temp like in evening, do you need more than a t shirt?


    M...eldy wrote (see)

    Yes Foggy .. preferably some shorts as well    image


    Ahhhhhh hahahahaha

    I was in Lanza about this time last year, it's definitely cooler in the evening rather than that muggy heat you get in some places. 

  • When we were there beginning of May it was chilly, I am taking a set of long legs and a set of long arms for the the 3kg I'm allowed of courseimage

    Have also decided (sort of ) re: camera kit.

    My capsule black 'n' yella wardrobe from Roth is mostly too big   :/  so I shall be amending...I would have gone shopping today but I need to take D's mum's car back to her, now that Polly Puma is fixed and back with me (which also means we can get to the aeropuerto on Tuesday).

    See you all this week image 

  • What we really need is a huge trunk of pirate coloured kit and just get it shipped around the EU for our next jaunt - rather like a large dressing up box.  First come, first served  image

  • I'd end up with an arm warmer, some XL shorts and an XS monaco knowing my luck!

  • I'd pay to see that !

  • I fear there's not enough euros on the island image

  • I am sure we could have a whip round

  • New Shoes - depending on your size I am happy to lend out a Monaco or tri-suit.

    My only stipulation would be that I have it back on Sunday (unwashed if needs be) as I would rather take it home with me than risk it getting lost in the post.

    PM me if interested

  • Its apparently really warm here at the moment, so no long arms needed
    but its gonna cool off apparently next week -  a long sleeve top is nice in the evenings

    However apparently is gonna gegt a tad windy next week.  Tried my deep rims yesterday  when it was a bit fresh and swapped to the missus's 30mm rim at the front today when it was blowing a gale - way happier image

    Whens the pirate party starting????

  • Oh good, our daily evening weather update has arrived  image

  • and when they say 'cool off' it will probably still be tropical in comparison to what we have here at the moment!!!

  • Ive only got room for 1 set of wheels, decisions to make.


  • So, do I need to take a hat and coat?


  • Ive chosen the ones that are on my bike  image

  • Your bike wears a hat?

  • Well after 2 hours of fighting the bike box I eventually got the upper hand and got the bloody thing closed ... I dread to think what sort of shape it will be in by next week .  Now to unpack and repack everything else a dozen or so times. 

  • Of course it does Foggy, its neatly dressed  image

    Slag ... mine won and I opted for the bag, I flippin hate boxes

  • Going to take a photo of my boxed bike once it all fits to try and replaicate a week and many beers after I unpack it image

  • Melds.. had i been a bit more orgainsed and tried it a few weeks ago i think i would probably have done the same image .. alas i am left with dragging 50 kilos of anti-tardis (smaller on the inside than it appears on the outside) to Lanza .

    Cupcake ... good luck ... you will be cursing finding those keysimage  


  • Slag, like the anti-tardis comparison.  They're fecking HEWGE these boxes .. but then surprising small inside.  I had a very nice friend lend me his box and make me take my bike apart for a practise walk through... thank god!

  • Now you've all got me worried ... my bike fitted in no problem, so what have I forgotten..???? image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I broke my bike packing it. I shit you not. We've just replaced the front mech cable at 9pm. At 8pm I wasn't coming nor racing in a venue I couldn't drive to ever again. I'd just like one race where I have a stress free lead up one day please. Just one. 

  • Oh that's crap Mouse!!

    I must admit, transporting the bike has been my biggest worry about this whole trip, the actual race I've been far less worried about.


    ... about to shut the lid on the bike box ..... image

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