On One Pompino



  • I've found a bike I like the look of but I'm not sure about sizings. It has a top tube measurement of 51.8 and I'm 5' 9. Is this ok?
  • Sounds too short to me but I'm taller so not sure what top tube you'd want for 5'9 - I'm tempted to say something more like 54cm - what do others think ?
  • does sound a bit short but you could fettle the setup with a longer stem and shift the saddle back a bit (or use a reversible seatpost).

    madlot - have you checked the manufacturers website to see if they have any suggestions on sizing? many of the big brands have this info - or you could contact them to ask
  • I'd been looking on their website and couldn't find a reference to size, just the bike sizes and their geometry.
    Anyway, done as you suggested FB, phoned them and now I'm gutted, too small, back to the drawing board.

    It was a cracker n all!
  • was meant to be then....

    the next one is always better... image
  • Just found out I will be finishing in Edinburgh probably mid-march, hopefully then working back home for a while... cue the spring fixie conversion for my old specialised then I think image
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