Trionium Greensand Marathon



  • Thanks BRM. I'll keep an eye out for Greensand and think about the Picnic next year!

  • I noticed there is a cut off, 74 mins to get 1/4 of the way i think? Roughly what kind of time would someone just making the cutoff do a flat marathon in? I have no idea if I will be fast enough to attempt this.

  • Depends on whether you're prepared to front-load this one. If you are, you could get away with a fast 6.3 miles then relax but accept that your time for the whole thing might be slower than you would have done otherwise.

    I like to set off relatively slowly, but my flat marathon time is 3:09 and I'm sort of OK on hills, so I'm hoping that the cut-off won't be an issue for me.

  • Holy crap 3:09 and you are HOPING the cut off wont be an issue? I think I will give this run a pass. I expert to do the VLM in 4;15. I got no chance on this I guess.
  • 'hoping' is perhaps an exaggeration. Though I'm injured at the moment so not running anything like that sort of pace. Greensand is a long way away so entry of time to get in some hill training.
  • Khanivore, I would have thought you'd be OK on this one. My flat marathon PB is 4:12:25 and on the 4 occasions that I have run the Leith Hill Half Marathon (which is run over the 1st and 4th quarters of the Greensand) I have comfortably reached the tower within the cut off time (cut off time is actually 73 minutes). That said, I have been pacing myself for that particular race knowing that the 2nd half is (mainly) downhill image, whereas I am led to believe that the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the Greensand are the toughest! As long as you approach the race reallistically, appreciating it for what it is (i.e. one of Dr Rob's brutal but magnificent races, and you WILL get completely knackered) you should enjoy it. You've probably already studied these, but here's the link to the Runners World discussion forum for the race

  • Entry for the Greensand Marathon and half marathon 2013 should be open within the next couple of days - depending on RW.

    If you can do a four hour marathon or 1:50 half on the flat, then the cut-off wouldn't  trouble you. It's there to ensure that all the runners get back within six hours.

    Enjoy... and remember to keep smiling.

  • Well i've done a 1:53 half (and that really was all out) in Nov but my form has dipped since then due to injury. I'm going to sign up and go for it! I'll have to work hard. I'm going to practice on the North Downs hear Reigate!

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