Electronic Shifting and wheels?



  • I'd say that for the cost of the Venge you'd be able to get three cracking bikes for different purposes. The one bike that gets the most use out of all of mine is a cheap steel fixed wheel. Full mudguards and lights on it - so it gets the winter duties and commuting. And its as much fun to ride as any other bike I've had. And I've had custom built steel with top of the range groupsets before. Its not so much what you ride as the journeys you make on it. If that makes sense ?
  • You dont have to be fast or competitive to ride a nice bike, im a relatively slow cyclist but 3 years ago I bought a Cervelo P3 with all the best kit at the time.  The bike is still running perfectly but only comes out from the spring and on race day.  Had I been riding it as a training bike im sure it would be wrecked by now.

    I bought the bike as I knew what I wanted and had researched it for a considerable time.  I spent a whole day in a bike shop having the bike made to measure etc etc.  Aside from the cervelo I have another bike I use for training which is pretty bomb proof.  This means its a pleasure to get on the P3 when the weather is better.

    I know Dubai Daves rates the durability of Zipp 404's but with carbon braking surfaces like mine id not fancy them lasting long with road the amount of road salt and grit in the UK over winter.  With carbon surfaces you need specific brakes like the SwissStop I suggested earlier, average rubber pads can grab, tear themselves apart and or melt under heavy braking (as I found nearly to my cost a couple of years ago.

    By all means get the Venge and get it with the kit you want, just make sure it fits you and is the right tool for the job you want it to do.

    Im not going to rule out being in a similar position to you in a couple of years (i.e. looking to buy a new bike), ive currently got my eye on a Cervelo S5 frame and just waiting to justify the expense of another bling bike.  The P5 would complement my training bike & TT bike, be for summer training, sportives and hillier long course races.   I guess im using this as an example to say that I wont be going ahead with such a significant and costly purchase until ive fully researched the bike and suitability down to every component.

  • Picking the bike up tommorow ended up with two sets of zip 404 firecrests, Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 electronic shifting, S-Works carbon crankset. I will get some pics up
  • Specialist bling bikes make you feel special, even if you are absolutely useless. I should know...

    You knock yourself out Squeakz and enjoy it.

    I am off to google Venge. But I'll stick with me Cyfac...
  • Here it is... I got a S-works venge Di2 in htc colours (sorry for the backdrop, decorating at the moment)

    Im using s-works shoes with look pedals, s-works prevail helmet. Garmin have some pedals coming out with ant+ compatability im really interested inso in using cheap pedals until these are released.

    Really happy with the Dura-Ace Di2 electronic gear set, as am I with the firecrest zipps, the whole bike goes really well

    Also considering a s-works shiv and a dogma as well, but going to have to read some reviews, they seem to go really well though and appear to be half decent bikes
  • Oh very nice. Why two sets of firecrests though ?
  • A great looking bike! (that deserves not to have a hulking great big ugly saddle bag on it. Use a water bottle for your tools? Just my opinion!) Enjoy.
  • Do you mean a pinarello grall? Or do you want two top end road bikes?
  • I got one set for training use, the seconds are unstickered and being kept for racing.

    It's definitely the dogma I quite liked, thought it would make a decent commuter instead of the felt.
    The grall looks more like the shiv, a time trial bike. Not sure if its a better bike though. Im going to have to do some reading on all these things.

    Going to have to try the tools in the water bottle, im not a fan of the seat bag myself.

    Thanks for all the info, advise and suggestions guys
  • The venge is going pretty well, its a relay nice bike. I've just changed a few things and put the sprint buttons on it, but in general im really happy and impressed with the bike.
  • How's the bike going Squeakz ? You'll have put some good miles in by now ?
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