Sports Bras for petite women

I'm a 30" (B) and am having trouble finding decent sports bras in my size.  I like the Shock Absorber Run but they only go down to a 32".  I've managed to find one to tide me over, but it does up at the back which is annoying, so I'd prefer one with either no do-uppy things or with side adjustments.  Pre-formed cups or inserts would be good too.

Any recommendations gratefully received.


  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Red I am a 30A and I just use these sort of things:
    crop top

    No cups but no fastenings either and usually pretty cheap and racer style so very good at controlling bounce 

  • Thanks Curly - I'll give them a try.  Do you have any recommendations for normal bras too?  I like the look of After Eden but can only get them on line.  Up to now, I've been buying 32s and having them taken in but it's getting a bit expensive at £5 per bra.
  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    I tend to wear my bras a bit loose, but the following are quite good:

    • Lepel
    • Figleaves own brand
    • La Senza do some bras in 30 back as well
    Asda used to do small sizes (especially in the sports bra they do) but that seems to have stopped now image
  • I use Sportsjock Action Sport, they are really comfortable and supportive.  The small size is 28-32" and suits all cup sizes as it is a compression bra.  No preformed cups though, if that what you prefer. These come in great colours so you can wear them on their own in hot weather.
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    Have you tried M&S? I think I remember them having this size. Other then that there is always SweatyBetty who seem to cover a petite range, they may know of other places if they can't help- its always worth asking.

  • Thanks everyone.  I've tried M & S and Sweaty Betty - I found M&S bras a strange fit and Sweaty Betty didn't go down to 30".  Also tried Sportjock a couple of years ago and didn't like them but might try them again as they stock bras at my local running shop.

    I had a look at your suggestions Curly - thanks.  I am a bit fussy in that I like a particular sort of lacy bra - Passionata; Chantelle for example.  I don't understand why more companies don't do small sizes - surely there are a fair few of us out there with tiny ribcages ... ?  image

  • I shouldn't be here image but I know SA do 30As Parky. Try lessbounce but it's red   Have you seen this one? Linky two   On the home page, you can sort by different categories but it only looks like 30As come up in a few sizes. If the sizes are made but just not in stock you could ask LB to see if they could do a special order for you?

    Wonders if the usual suspects will appear. image
  • Thanks Ninja.  The only one without a back fastener is £50.  It looks good (in fact perfect in theory) but is pricey for my small budget.  Hmmmm.  I'm 30B so it gives me a little more choice.  Do other people struggle with back fasteners?  I couldn't get the bra on in a hurry if I needed to - I'm currently wrestling with an SA back fastening one.
  • The SA comes in a 30B and that's £25? It is back fastening though.  My sports bras do up like my normal ones. They are all back fastening  but I just put them on the same way. I can't deal with the croppy top style bras. 

  • Agree, Sweaty Bety don't cater for smaller women and M&S are a bit hit and miss. You need to try on every bra as there appears to be a complete lack of continuity between designs re sizing.

    I have a North Face bra and Nike XXS, which are hard to find but occaisionally show up. Other than that it's my huge stock of Shock absorber bras, I bought for £5 each in the Debenhams sales years ago.

    I have one of those bras that Curly mentioned. It's a kind of orangy peachy colour. I wore it with a similar colour vest thankfully as the dye leaked when it got wet.

  • I really can't do back fasteners - I feel like I'm going to pull something every time I try to get my arms round the back and my SA back fastening one scratches a bit.  If only SA went down to a 30 in the Pump - that would be perfect.

    I'll check out North Face and Nike thanks Mouse.  I think I need to bulk buy if I ever find one that fits properly.

  • I'm wondering if I am missing something. Why don't/can't you do the flip the bra over and do it up at the front first thing?

  • Another recommendation for - the staff are very helpful and they have an excellent range of styles and sizes. It is a bit of a pain that its mail order, even though they do free returns its still the delay in getting the bra, trying it, deciding its no good, sending back, getting another one etc.

    camillia sinensis assamica mouse wrote (see)

    Agree, Sweaty Bety don't cater for smaller women and M&S are a bit hit and miss. You need to try on every bra as there appears to be a complete lack of continuity between designs re sizing.

    I have the same issue with M&S sports bras, you really do have to try on a range of sizes in every style of sports bra you want to find the correct fit.

    I would really like it if running shops branched out into supplying a good range of sports bras,  with a treadmill test so I could check how it felt while running & if it was offering enough support. You don't get the same effect by jumping up and down in the changing rooms at M&S! image

  • Ninja - I was thinking of trying that when I got home; possibly it might be difficult to wiggle into the arm straps once I've got it done up.  I don't like the back fastening anyway, because it digs in when I do sit-up and sometimes scratches when I'm running.

    This looks good: lessbounce

  • I use the Nike compression sports bras which are one-piece. I'm a 33A and the XS does me fine - felt a bit snug when I first put it on, and wriggling into them and out of them the first few times is an interesting experience, but it's got easier with practice.
  • I'm confused which bra is best for running... hoping you can help! I measure in at 36AA but can't find any specific running bras for this size. I currently use shock absorber compression crop tops but read an article that even small chested runners should use a supportive cup type bra. My question is, am I going to cause droopage/damage by wearing a compression top opposed to a supported cup?
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    I think the deal with Sports bras is its all about compression. Its the movement -any movement whilst running or doing any sport which causes the skin and muscles to lose its elasticity- I think its something to do with the collegen in your skin becomming damaged and combine that with age (collegen naturally declines with age) and your basicly speeding up the process which causes sagging and damage.


    Compression isn't just your best option, its your only option. By all means get something which fits right, but unless its made from steel your going to still get some movement with any sort of impact, be it running or playing tennis, the greater the impact the greater the movement.


    Have you tried some of the larger stores and internet sites? Places like John Lewis and (or could be .com) may offer sizes like 36AA but its always wise to get fitted properly. I think M&S may offer some sports bras at smaller sizes but I've no idea which styles this includes. Sports bras due to their nature will feel quite a bit tighter then normal so it could be your size may alter as this is what stops the movement, but there is a fine line between tight and stopping blood flow which is why its wise to get fitted the first few times and then go at it alone when you know what you're looking for.

  • Thanks for the reply Jennn. I don't fancy a steel braimage so will try out some of the larger stores, if crop tops fit best I''ll stick with them.
  • nike are good, the crop tops come with a built in support which is just an extra layer really which i like in case of rain and things getting  a bit see- through thats allimage..

    if you are 30-32 A or B  then xs or xxs small Nike are really good fit. i wear 2xu as well which also come up vert small and love their thingsimage

  • I wear a bit tight sports bra but must be comfortable. I purchase workout bra from fitness website , Nike is also good
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