Halewood 5K

Hi, I'm just trying to promote this for my club. Does anyone fancy giving it a go on Saturday? We are hoping for a good turnout! This is a free of charge event, excellent setup well marshalled! and also it is a flat course with pb potential image


  • Any other RW forumites fancy giving this a go?! plenty of interest so far, although obviously not too much on runnersworld image haha. This is a weekly event so don't worry if you can't make it this week, it is on every Saturday at 1pm. It is a free of charge event, with spot prizes... and the course is flat and perfect for pb's image very beginner friendly! and also suitable for club runners, quite a few runners confirmed so far on other websites. Please register on www.bugruns.org.uk prior to your first run.
  • Just thought I'd bump this upto the top for anyone looking to do a 5K tomorrow! if not this free of charge event will take place every Saturday at 1pm from now onwards. Hopefully see some forumites there soon image
  • Hi sprinting toffee,

    I ran this race today and it was superbly organised and very friendly and welcoming. image

    A massive thanks to everyone involved in organising.image

    The course is as fast as you say, I will be back. image


  • Hey Chris,

    Thanks for that mate image it was great to see you there,

     and hopefully see you again there soon!

     Well done on 3rd place and your time mate and I'm sure you will be back to your best soon! image

  • Marshallini will be dangerous when he's 'fit'... passed me on the 4 villages whilst he was out for a training run. Didn't have the decency to look tired!

    Quick question - do you submit bugrun results to Power of 10?
  • Hi Steve, Yes they will be shortly. The course is currently certified by ARC (Association of running clubs) we are awaiting documentation from UK Athletics, and as soon as that comes through it will appear on the Power of 10, it should be in the next week or two image Are you going to give it a try mate? We've had 11 new runners sign up today alone so the event is beginning to take off. I've just sent a race report to online magazine run247 after they requested information, I've given yourself a mention in it Marshallini image
  • Also starting this week refreshments (water, fruit and anything else if we are feeling generous!) will be available after the run and again all this is free of charge. We have now also arranged for a digital racing clock to be at the finish line on the last Saturday of every month to help people push for that PB! There will be more promotions and ideas happening, any suggestions you have are very welcome.This is also a very beginner friendly event and welcomes runners of all abilities image
  • I won't get to the next few for sure, but will definitely bear in mind, would only be an occasional thing for me at best. Good luck with them though, brilliant idea, well done on getting them going - I stuck a post on the Helsby blog today.
  • Thanks Steve, Mark Connor has done all the hard work I'm just helping him out. Cheers for the mention on the blog, one of your runners ran on Saturday - Colin Thompson http://www.bugruns.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/halewood-28th-Jan-12.pdf Tell him well done from me image
  • Does anyone fancy giving the Halewood 5K a go this week on Saturday 4th Feb at 1pm? Please have a look at our recent race report from last week image http://www.run247.com/articles/article-2020-weekend-review%3A-january-28-%26-29.html/articles/article-2000-weekend-review%3A-january-21-%26-22.html Its a free of charge run, free fruit and refreshments afterwards image All you need to do is register on www.bugruns.org.uk
  • Its the Halewood 5k tomorrow! Are any other RW Forumites doing it? Dont forget to sign up at www.bugruns.org.uk before tomorrow, and see you there at 1pm! image
  • I did this race, put on by the Liverpool Running Bugs, its a really good course,very well organised and a warm friendly atmosphere.Whether you are a speed merchant or a plodder then this is definitely for you, you can even bring the dog.With refreshments and fruit at the finish, what more could you want for free.

     if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is and theres always a catch.

    Not with the Halewood 5K, free pb`s all roud, you only have to turn up and run your best effort

  • Might give this a go once its eligible for po10 pb's, great idea to have it at 1pm....coming from the chester direction there arent any parkruns locally, aside from central liverpool/manchester and at 9am thats a hassle to make so can see this attracting quite alot of local club runners....will try and get a group together to get some competition going. Out of curiousity does it have km markers?
  • Hi Chingoncito, not yet but that's something that is going to be happening soon also image it will be great if you can get a group of you going too. We have started getting a group from Deestriders in Wales travelling over to do it every week and they have enjoyed it very much each time, and have already told us they will be there again on Saturday!
  • By the way the current course record is only 13 seconds short of your PB if you were thinking of having a go at it. Also Andy Edwards from Deestriders has won the last 2 weeks comfortably in 16.51 and 17.06, he's told me he is coming again on Saturday if you wanted to give him some competition image Might be able to submit the performances on power of 10 when the uka licence comes through too?! The course is flat and fast a lot of people have broken their pb's on it already image
  • Qiute fancy this but wont be able to make it very often until the football season finishes. Does it run all year round?

  • Hi Degsy, it will be doing mate! It's only a new event this year but it's getting bigger every week! and we expect it to be very popular by the summer. All you need to do is register at www.bugruns.org.uk the once and then you can turn up and give it a try whenever you want! image
  • Thanks! Registered image
  • image @ getting the competition going. I've already beaten my current pb in training so i'd be confident of getting the current record of 16.45 if its a quick course, tho i imagine one of the big local names will have that below 16 mins soon enough. I think ive raced against andy quite abit, seen his name in my time territory on a few results....not sure if i'll give him a run for his free entry this weekend as deep in mara training at the moment and a flat out 5km the day before 20+ miles might be abit too much. Will definately be down a few times through the year - really great idea to set this up, especially free of charge!

  • Thats great Degsy! image hopefully see you there soon! I usually do lead bike, but this week im leading a pacing group for 25 min. I'm aiming to run it myself at the end of the month. Sounds like your running great Chingoncito! What marathon are you doing? Well your more than welcome to give him a run for his free entry! haha, but no worries if you want to focus on the longer stuff this weekend! Look forward to seeing you there also! I think Jonny Mellor of the Harriers who is running the New York Half Marathon for GB has said he will do it in the next month or two so i'm sure he will be putting his name on the record, but it's up for grabs before then! image

  • Excellent news! The Halewood 5k is now under UKA licence and so will go on Power of 10! image and if it gets you tempted into doing it Chingoncito we might even get some kilometre markers setup! We're try to make it beginner friendly with a competitive edge also, lots of positive feedback so far from those who have ran it.
  • I have to say I feel ching could be the one to watch this week. Jus sayin image
  • Where's your fighting spirit Andy??? I thought you were a competitor!!! image Only joking mate it will be good to see you back there and don't forget you will have an advantage in knowing the course. Although I don't doubt the talent Ching has! Whoever win's on Saturday will have to run a quick time I think plenty of people in form going head to head. I think sub 16.30 is easily on the cards for a few people! But not too quick lads as I'm on lead bike image
  • The fighting spirit is locked away to prepare for saturday ahaha, I've heard that a certain EX record holder has a quick finish so as thiz could upset procedings I think a fast start will be order of the day, I really dont fancy getting out sprinted on the last 400M or so. Me dad says I'll have to pull me socks up this week but I did that the last 3weeks, what can ya do image
    what are you goin to do on the lead bike when mellow turns up haha.
  • Haha erm well I might let someone else do that job that week, or I could just pop along with my racer image He's on the telly next week racing against Mo Farah in Birmingham. I dont think Mark comes on Runnersworld but he is well up for this!! I actually hope it goes down to the last 100 metres would be really great to watch. Also just wait till I get back fit Andy I'm not called Sprinting Toffee for nothing image

    Please don't let speed demons like Andy put off any beginners though! We have a 30 minute for 5k pacing group this week, the Halewood 5k is very beginner friendly with a competitive edge image

  • Good to see he`s well up for a qiuck run then image

    Cant wait now image

    i reckon the sub 30group is a good idea too, it`s a good incentive for alot of people because its achievable yet rewarding at the same time. it was good to see a group going round together last week in the 25min pace area image

  • Definitely mate! tell your Dad I'm doing a sub 20 group the following Saturday too image Yes the aim is to get many people taking part as possible, hopefully people will run in the sub 30 group with the aim of getting into the sub 25 group a few months later! image I'm with the aim of sub andy the deestrider by the summer group image
  • Sub 16.30?image Ha Im definately the outsider for this weekend!image Ive got the slowest 5km pb, wont be tapering and am focussing on the longer distances at the moment(excuses out the way earlyimage)

    As for race tactics, i think whoever goes off at the front the other 2 will just stick with him because the gap between us is so small that whoever finishes 3rd should be able to hold the winning pace until at least 3km, my prediction is we'll all go off at a ridiculous pace....it will start to fade before a brutal last km where it will come down to whoever has the most left, if it is a sprint finish i reckon things could get messy after the finish lineimage 

    Must admit im looking forward to this as well, not everyday you can find a pb course with such close competition!

  • I can't wait!!! Like I've said before i'm on lead bike so not too quick please lads image It should really be a good race, theres a few other lads from our club doing it too. All aiming for low 17's so probably won't be in contention unless its a slower pace. These lads are great runners too, but can't touch Mark Clair in training at the min image

  • Its just 2 days to go until the free of charge Halewood 5k! Any RW forumites fancy giving this a go for the first time? With a later start at 1pm we've been getting athletes travelling from further afield and plenty of positive feedback so far image the results are now published weekly on the power of 10 website
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