Army 1.5 mile time advice.

Hiya people, I'm new to posting online so I don't really know if this should be put somewhere else, sorry if it annoys anyone.

Basically, I'm joining the army and one of my job choices is the Parachute regiment, I went to an training session with the army before my preselection where they check your fitness to make sure your not wasting their time and my 1.5 mile time was 9 minutes 54 seconds, the parachute regim ents 1.5 mile time is 9 minutes 40 seconds, my recruiter still let me keep the parachute regiment down as a job choice because I really put all my effort in an because I train hard regularly he reckons ill smash it at ADSC Glencourse (which by the way is in a couple of weeks) I would just really really appreciate any advice you guys and girls could give me in order to make it possible, thank you so much, Ben


  • Is that with pack on?
  • Nope, just my PT kit on.
  • Looks like you should do it easily.... Good luck... I'm sure someone better qualified than me will come along and give you some tips.
  • Thank you very much for wishing me well, I wish you all the best too in life, luck and in running.
  • Any training you do in the next couple of weeks won't really have enough time to take effect.  Considering how close your time is your best bet is to make sure you do everything right immediately prior to the test.  That is, rest up and stay off the booze for a couple of days before the test, have something good to eat the evening before (something not too fatty), and don't try anything new i.e. energy gels or drinks that might upset your stomach.

     All the best, I reckon you'll smash it!

  • Thank you so much, ill take that all into account, I was trying creatine but I've decided to lay off of it because I could feel it was eating into my anaerobic stamina if that makes sense, I hope I do smash it, thanks image
  • Ben, I am starting to train myself to do the 1.5, right now I don't really know what to do, maybe you could give me a tip or two?
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