Beeping at women runners



  • Little Ninja wrote (see)

    I don't agree that personal alarms are a good idea. Set one off one day and see how many people pay attention. Even yelling Fire fire or something like that would get more attention.

    FWIW, attackers generally normally target for vulnerable women ie with their arms full, distracted for some reason etc and not a woman who is running and therefore would have a greater chance of escape. If your wifeis concerned about her safety at other times, something like a defence spray would be far more effective at helping her escape. Knowing some basic self-defense moves, how to use her keys etc to defend herself may also improve her confidence.

    Are the defence sprays legal? I know Mace isn't...I or safe but not sure carrying something that could be more problematic is the answer...

    Totally agree the SD classes/moves are a good idea. I walk home from work in possibly the safest town on earth and have my keys in my hands in a way I know would protect me should the worst happen.

  • At my age and considering I have a face like a slapped arse when I run, I'm flattered!

    Doesn't happen often though
  • when I get certain remarks from young does make me smile......if I had my hat off and they could see me up close they would be mortified that they had make such remarks to someone old enough to be their mother and then some image
  • Slightly off topic.....

     Cycling home from work i saw lady runner a little way ahead of me and she had the most perfect arse. I never said a word and just kep on cycling.

    Back to topic - it is not only car drivers and occupants shouting abuse but folk on pavements do the same when i refuse to move into the road.  Why should I?   Have they not heard of single file?  Mind you the fat tub of lard i saw on sunday gave me no choice..............  I could not hold my tongue and made a rude comment.

  • SuperCaz wrote (see)
    If I was able to wolf whistle then I am sure you would be worth whistling at Warkieimage
    Sorry I am a bit of a let down in real life...image
    But in my over imaginative other life i look liek George Clooneys better looking younger brother ..image
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