Outlaw 2012 - Bike Course



  • Well I'm looking forward to a fast course after IMW.  I'm def up for a recce some time if anything gets organised image
  • image Well I'm using Memory Map, so it's based on OS information. The same software gave about 1300 m or so for last year's course which is roughly the same as my Garmin gave! The interactive map from last year gave the total climbing as 1232 m!

    I'll let you make up your own minds if you think it's right or wrong. But personally I don't think it'll be a tough course, then again I train on the edge of the peak district so I get to play on real hills! image image

    Edited cos I can't spell & to say I'll try & remember to upload my garmin information from last year to  COnnect & you can compare information!

  • On Saturday 24 March I'm travelling from Ipswich and mate from London to give first loop of course a try.  Starting at and returning to Holme Pierpoint this should cover about sixty miles.

    Neither of us have yet churned out more than forty miles in one go and I'm at the start of my recovery from a strained ankle ligament so we'll be taking it at a steady pace (3.5 - 4 hours).

    Setting off around 1PM, those of you who are interested in joining us are welcome.


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