South Wales Aquathlon Series Tredegar

Good news. The NEWT aquathlon series is back on again this year in Parc Bryn Bach Tredegar. After missing last year due to licencing issues , we've got 5 races on the last Thursday of each month 31 May, 28 June, 26 July, 30 August.

 All should be 750m swim 5K run starting at 7:00.

The April race has been dropped, the glacier does not finishing melting until early May.image

On line entries will be sorted out soon with our friend at EntryCentral.



  • Great news. 

    Such a shame about the April ice dipping though (not!) .. that was my first open water experience back in 2010, dont' think I'll ever forget it!

  • gutted that the april one has been dropped as was my first OW swim ever in 2008....wetsuit came through the post the day before......

    alwaqys think if you can swim bryn bach in april then you can complete any swim in a race that season.......
  • If you (Seren & Iron Pingu)are coming to the May race I'll get Gethin from the Park to add some ice to the lake just for you. We aim to please!
  • not sure if the may date fits in.....not sure 750m will help me with having to cover 7.8km 9 days later image

    maybe if I just forget to come out and keep on going around and around image
  • Will def be there if possible, assuming of course I'll have recovered from a certain hilly tri a few week before image

  • Just opened up the online entries with entry central here

    First race is 31 May. The water will be lovely & warm for sure. & Seren we've thought of a way to make sure you are cold enough.image

    And watch for an announcement next week for another special event at Parc Bryn Bach - 30 June!image

  • As with the Pike Bait Tri Festival, we are talking with a potential new sponsor to take this serries to another new level. They will almost certainly be on board this year, but they and we are hoping that their plans work out & if so they are talking about a very long term committment to triathlon & open water swimming in the Parc.

    I cant promise it will make the water any warmer though!image.

  • open water swimming in the parc.......sounds promising
  • Sorry to mislead you Seren, Its events only. They are pretty strict on the water saftey cover & it being inured.

    But the aquathlon series development looks really intersting.

    Do you think there would be much interest in having a long side the aquathlon, the option of a two lap swim, (1.5k)instead of getting out for a run? Would be roughly the same finish time, and the water cover is already there.

  • not i'm not a fast swimmer.....a race doesn't actually appeal much..its all just open water practise.....

    I suppose it depends on the dates and the races people in the area are aiming at.....
  • I was just thinking of those who'd like to swim there, not a race as such, whilst the water cover was sorted, during the aquathlon race.

    I suppose it would be expensive for a half hours swim.

  • The new sponsor has now gone public & its official

    'NEWT are very pleased to announce that the 2012 PBB Aquathlon Series which starts this month will have a brand new sponsor - South West based renewable energy company, REG Windpower.

    For more information and entry forms visit <a href="" rel="nofollow nofollow" target="_blank"><span style="color: #3b5998;">www.newport<span class="text_exposed_hide">...<span class="text_exposed_show"></a><span class="text_exposed_show">
    Commenting on the sponsorship Sergio Zappulo from REG Windpower said:
    “We have seen major triathlon events take place in the park before and we are pleased to be supporting this series and hope that this will attract further events when people see the success of the Parc Bryn Bach Aquathlon Series. As a clean, green, UK-based energy company it is a natural match for us to link with an event that celebrates human achievement in the great outdoors and Parc Bryn Bach is a fantastic setting”.

    Kelly Gaffney from Newport and East Wales Triathlon Club said:
    “We are delighted with the sponsorship agreement which will allow our event to go from strength to strength. Our hope is that even more people will look to enter the events at the park”.

    REG Windpower is currently preparing a planning application for a three-turbine wind farm at Pen Bryn Oer which would generate enough energy to power approximately 2,300 homes. This application is expected to be submitted later this year. Sergio added “it is very important to me that we are a good neighbour for the local community and this is a great first step”.
    REG Windpower will also be sponsoring the Pike Bait Triathlon Festival on 30th June this year.'

    <span class="text_exposed_show">When the turbines are up we're going to plug in the lakes' heating system, the windier it gets, the warmer the lake will beimage

  • It will like a bath there then image

  • Great news from the Parc. The water has been tested & yes Seren the water is like a bath (but no bubbles) At least 19 degrees, perfectly clear, great for spotting the fish on the bottom. You can actually see the bottom around most of the course through 8-10 feet of water. Weed is thick in places though.

    Going to be perfect conditions for the race on Thursday 31 May. Entries on the night from 5:30, start at 7:00pm

  • Hurrumph, I can't make the May one OR June!  July .. will def be there in July.

  • I think I will be there...trying to get over my OW issues! See you all on Thursday hopefully!!
  • Hope it goes well for Thursday.should be one of the warmest swims ever there.......Alex.hope the OW swim goes well

  • The lake will have frozen over by July Iron Pingu image

    Its strange but 2 years ago it was May that was the warmest swim. August was freezing.

    Dont want to put you off Alex but there is a bit of weed that you have to get used to. I believe I'm racing, depending on who's allocated to race crew. Really want to hammer a 750 swim, see what I can do after 10K at Dorney on Sunday>

  • Slugs, did you race after?

    I really enjoyed the event. A nice friendly atmosphere and well run! Lake was so weedy though!! Saw plenty of fish! You guys weren't kidding when you called the tri festival the Pike Bait, were you? Haha!

    Anyway, finished as last male in 54:09. Seren - OW swim still a struggle, but better than I managed previously.Run was OK apart from bad cramp in calves for first k or so.

    So, I'd like to thank NEWT for putting on a good event and hopefully I will see you all at the end of June.


  • Thanks Alex. Was good fun but pretty fast, I'm not used to this flat out sprint racing, these old legs dont like moving that quickly.  Cracking turn out of 66, we're going to have to build a bigger transition next time, we wern't expecting that number last night.

    I'didn't see any fish, you were obviuosly enjoying the view too muchimage 

    We're thinking of a new rule for the next race - everybody has to bring two handfuls of weed into transition from the swim, that'll mean by the last race it should be weed free!image

  • I'm liking the sound of that rule. You should have it as a handicap for the fast guys...they have to bring their own bodyweight in weed into transition! Or, even better, they have to bring MY bodyweight in weed!! Yes, that could help!!

    I just think that I swim too slowly to scare the fish off!!

    Anyway, credit to you guys organising and I look forward to the June one!

  • Round two next Thursday, 28 June. Good news is that due to all the nice rain we've had the lake is overflowing. So nice & full. Bad news is, all that nice clean fresh water hasn't done a lot for the water temperature  image

    (best not to try it without a wetsuit - like some old fool has just done!)

    Its only 750m , how cold can you get in that short a distance? Nice 5k run will soon warm you up.

    Same details as last month. Entries on the night available. Registration from 5:30? race starts at 7:00pm. Oh its absolutely pi**ed down the last 3 Thursday nights so its going to be a glorious evening next week! image

  • Latest forcast gives a very pleasant evening for Tredegar today. Anyone coming to fight their way through the weeds to the first turn?image

  • Despite the clouds rolling in, 10 minutes before the off, the sun broke through & we did have a nice evening. A touch windy, which gave the swim a nice edge up the back straight & across the top. And the water wasn't that cold either, no wetsuit for me image or was that just coz I only went in up to my knees.

    A nice big field again. We need to slow them fast young guys down a bit, they make it look too easy. image

    Next race Thursday 30 July.


  • Yep, this was a good event is a great series and good fun all around!! Water was quite warm apart from by the buoys! Some speedy times again!! I got a 4min PB this time, so was pleased with that!!

    Slugs - If I can make the July one I will come and introduce myself!

    Oh, no fish this time!!image

  • Glad you enjoyed it. 

    I cant race them any more, unfortunately, and not sure what my duties will be on the next one, but I'll be there marshallinf somewhere.

     75 entrants, one didn't make the start line, one had to call it a day on the first turn, 2 didn't want to run. Just pleased we didn't have the rain that we'd suffered the last 3 thursdays with the running club sessions up there, otherwise it would have been a 5k swim!

  • Round 3 on Thursday 26 July. Now that summer is here, the rain has stoped, with nice weather forcast for the next week, the water will be just right for some fast swimming. I haven't got far in oulling all the weeds out yet though image. Arrangements as normal, entry on the night, registration from 5:30, race starts at 7:00, I'm in the pub by 8:30 (Please)

  • Cool, hoping to make this one image

  • There is a rumour that the race is full for tomorrow - its NOT. There will be entries on the night. Dont want to put anyone off.

    Anyone fancy a nice cooling swim?  I dont expect the lake  to be that warm. 

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