Jungfrau Marathon



  • Did see you on the Saturday Lisa. Was supporting at the 21km point just out of Lauterbrunnen. Even got a photo but you appear to be texting at the time.

    Really enjoyed the race but that was one tough run! Knowing how to pace the various sections and where to walk was key. Thought the organisation, drinks stations etc were spot on.

  • A.A! wrote (see)
     At 40 I think it will only get harder now!!

    At 60, I'm hoping that it can't get any harder! I probably will do it again, partly because the race is on my doorstep and partly in the hope of doing better next time. Like Owen, I was very impressed by the organisation and the many helpers.

  • Ah, sorry Owen! I sent a few texts and took loads of photos en routeimage I was glad I ran with my own drinks bottles and kept filling them up from my parents and water stations. It was so hot.

    I was watching in lauterbrunnen on the Sunday opposite the lady with union jack flag up in the coffee shop. How did you get on?

    Steve - good for you. If I lived there I would do it every year. I loved wearing my t shirt with pride on the Sunday.
  • I absolutely loved this Marathon and will definitely be going back next year!

    I finished in 4hrs 36mins.

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