Dogs....what am I doing wrong?



  • I think you're just plain unlucky. There are good dog owners and bad dog owners just as there are good drivers and bad drivers (In fact there are far more bad drivers than bad dog owners but that's another argument).

    The only thing I can see to help you avoid this problem is to move house. I am fortunate to live a lovely part of the countryside where there are loads of dogs and I have never had the slightest problem with any of them. It could be that I am a "doggy" person and that they sense that but more likely it's that the owners round here are generally responsible and I often see people reining their dogs in when I am heading their way.

  • If 4 policemen can't stop a dog attacking them then I think runners have little chance - whatever strategy they adopt. I don't understand why there remain so many pitbull type dogs around given they are meant to be banned
  • I am in both camps as I run, but I also run with my dog on a regular basis. There are good and bad dog owners but the same also applies to runners! Whilst walking my dog I've had "runners" effing and blinding at me saying that my dog should be on a lead/get that effing dog out of the way and in one instance an unprovoked attack on my dog! (for the record my dog is eleven years old, runner friendly and is usually far too busy sniffing the latest piece of fox poo or bush to be interested in anyone else!)

    So it works both ways and in the case of the unprovoked attack (my dog didnt even approach the runner concerned) I had a witness and reported the incident to the police (alas nothing happened) I do think that dogs will quickly suss out if someone is scared of them. If a dog goes for me I would shout a command at it ("down" or "stay") and if by that time the owner hasnt come over or couldnt care less then as a last resort a size 12 shoe in the gonads is the order of the day (I have only ever had to do this once). I would also see if there is a local dog warden as they can often be more effective than the police and are around dog walking areas more often.

  • it`s just hlow they are isn`t ity.....

    they thinkl that they are `pl;aying` with you,dont they....


  • Dogs are not so much the problem - owners are the problem. Obviously not all owners - some are totally responsible and considerate - but those who aren't give the others a bad name.

    Some dog owners don't seem to comprehend that their pets are dangerous, powerful animals that need to be properly trained and controlled. Just because you give him a cute name and he's a big softie at home, that doesn't mean he'll be fine in the outside world, where his instincts kick in.

    Other owners are just plain dumb. In my local park, I'm often confronted with the owner on one side of the path, the dog on the opposite side, and a thin black lead running like a trip wire in between. In poor light, I've often come close to a big tumble.

    And then there are the owners who are actually proud that their pets terrify the living daylights out of innocent passers by. We once stayed in a lovely country holiday cottage where we had to go everywhere by car because the dogs in the neighbouring farm blocked the lane and threatened us when we set out on foot. I'm quite sure they had been trained, or at least encouraged, to do that.

    I don't know what's to be done with the owners, but my tactic with aggressive dogs is either to stop still and slowly move away, or to pretend to pick up a stone and make as if to throw it at them while shouting.

  • If only it was legal i'd shoot the *uckers. Then the owners.

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