Is my new 910xt a fake?

Hi, a straightforward question for the owners of the garmin 910xt.

I bought a new one off ebay from someone and their partner who had 2 unwanted presents from their in-laws.  I should have been suspicious @ 250 quid, but I'm a bit of a gullible arsehole and will be to the bitter end. 

On opening the item I looked to register it on the garmin site (for the updated software).  I can't find the serial number, and although the 910xt isn't included on the website's drop down list 'where is my serial number', the majority of other models has it on the back.

Could other owners please look at theirs and tell me if the serail number is on the back of the unit.


  • It worked when I walked my dogs around the reservoir earlier, and it works with the wifi dongle thingy. 

    I can't find much info on the Garmin website. 

    If it is nicked then I don't mind letting Garmin and ebay know where it came from, but I'd need a serial number to confirm that.

    What really knaws me is that I just sold my 305 and swimovate to help pay for this.

    Me and ebay where never destined to get on.  I have been tortured by so may rip offs that it's become a standing joke amongst my family and friends.

  • Does it not automatically update the Garmin site with the serial number when you 'link it'? Otherwise I'd have thought the serial number would be on the box it came in. Assuming it came in the proper Garmin Box.
  • I also thought both of those PS.  But when I log in and go into the 'my registered products' page it only shows my 305 as registered.

    There is a bar code on the box with a number, but it comes up as 'not a valid number' when I type it in.

  • What is on the back of it?

    I have one, mine has 9 digit serial number made up of both letters and numbers.

  • Mine has nothing FF.
  • This is on a patch that has a groove so it's flush with the watch back...has the ANT sign, CE and few what look like patent marks as well.

    What else was in the box?

  • Thanks FF, I have the recessed square patch, but no marks or labels.  Might be that the details are removed as it is knocked off. 

    I'll contact Garmin and see if they can identify it and I can use ebay/paypal's guarantee to get my money back if that's the case.

  • Mine also has a square patch inset in the back of the watch with the serial number on across the centre.

    The serial number is also on the left-hand side panel of the box (as seen from the front) - not to be confused with the other number on the bottom of the box.

  • Nothing on the box either Trogs.

    I've emailed the seller and I'll start a dispute via paypal in a couple of days.  I'll also contact Garmin to ask their advice.

    I'd rather send it back and pay the extra for one where I can rest easy with a guarantee and support.

  • just fyi you can get a legit one from simply run for 299 quid if thats any help - a bit late but if youre going to send it back image might help
  • VTD I can get you one (genuine!) for 280 + posatge but you would have to wait until I come back to the UK in May. The originals most definately have the serial number on the back.
  • Thanks all, I emailed the seller, got a reply and it's going back on Tuesday.

    I'm happy enough to run without it for now and I hardly used the HRM with it anyway (only on the turbo). 

    DK thanks for that, and Dave, I'll look around later today and I think I might take you up on that.  I'll PM you later in the week if I still haven't found one.

  • Is the Ser No not available through the software. Normally you can access it through the menu in System > About
  • On mine, <Settings><AboutForerunner> shows software/GPS versions and a 'unit ID' which is totally different to the number on the back of the watch
  • I looked at pics of the 310xt and it has the same recessed square that Flat Footed mentioned, with a label that gives serial no. , CE marking, etc.

    I don't want to get two or three months down the line and then have no recourse when it goes tits up.

    I'll try that Gaz and see if the number is recognised.

  • Does it pair?  My 310xt shows its number when it pairs with the ant stick too.
  • I sent it back this morning SLAW.  The seller was quite cheeky about it so I didn't give them any benefit of doubt. 

    Bought a proper, above board replacement for £310.  That's an extravagant purchase for me but I sold my Garmin 305 and Swimovate for a combined £150 so that paid for half.

    Thanks for the offer Dave and thanks all for the helpful advice.  I hate buying off ebay, that bargin is often not quite what it first appears.

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