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  • Need for Speed

    Probably they are still going through the video recordings so they can match up people with the unregistered chips.

    I sort of understand what must have happened. My chip must have worked but for some reason wasn't connected to my name. They must have watched the recordings carefully to make sure they don't make a mistake when they assigned the time to me. Don't forget that I started from the smallest Green start and was soon through the start line so I expect it was easier to identify me than you who started on Blue.

    It seems that there were quite a few people with this issue so probably in a week or so you will be sorted, too. Fingers crossed and please keep us updated; I hope you will have a happy end, too.

    I cannot imagine them giving out a complimentary marathon place, though.

  • me neither, it would be to open to abuse.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed then. I wasn't told that the chip might have actually worked as yours has done, I was told some didn't register on the the start mat, so getting different info' from the marathon office? A member of my running club picked up my number from expo' so I didn't see it registered. I wonder if that part went wrong somehow?

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