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  • when i did llanelli last year i was going for a PB and wore a garmin on each arm......one measured nearly .2 of a mile further than the other.....obvious my left side runs quicker than my right....

    the one was spot on though for every mile marker image

  • 26.76 for me! Got myself in a complete mudle as it was 'beeping' the miles way before the mile markers. Mind you, it was so noisy I couldn't hear the 'beeps' anyway!
  • 26.51 miles for me. Shortest miles were 5 & 25 at 0.98, whilst the longest was 16 at 1.05. Having looked at the trace against the satellite map there are couple of blips just after Cutty Sark, and a couple in Docklands, but otherwise it seems pretty accurate.
  • Interesting thread but the blue line will be the exact distance

    Given that its 26.2 miles varying from that blue line will always make the course longer

  • 3:30........I did ay at the start.this isn't a thread questioning the distance.....the blue line will be the correct distance........it is just a laugh to see just how far out on this course garmins can make it....

    as it makes me laugh on some threads when people dispute an officially measured race because their garmins don't agree....( exceptions being Hull marathon this year and cardiff half a few years ago where as all garmins measured short people checked the routes and found that the official route had been changed by the organisers who forgot to mention it )
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    But did anyone else notice it was impossible to follow the blue line exact?  A few times it disappeared completely and I couldn't understand it but then somewhere in the Docklands I was running on it and it disappeared under a white fence and rejoined a bit further on.  Obviously there are areas where the course is changed slightly once the Elite go through.  image

  • The blue line isn't always the right distance, nor is it the shortest distance. Going round a corner, it's shortest to go as close to the curb as possible but the machine that marks the blue line pre-race can't get that close - it has to mark the line about a metre away or something.

    I suppose it would depend on where the course marker measured and whether they used a machine with as much clearance as the blue line marker.

  • Mine seems to under read - I've run 13.0 mile halves before now. So, although it wasn't VLM, I suspect my marathon will have been shorter. Not necessarily quicker, but shorter!
  • Hi,

    Just dipping in  to see what kind of results thebig G's gave. I was using Runkeeper.com app on my iPhone and I am relieved I only did it for the memory and not for a serious training aid. It shows over 29 miles!

  • i think that shows the garmins are a lot closer than the iphone app :0
  • mine was 26.69
  • Forerunner 305 - 26.45 miles

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    My 26.49 was a Forerunner 405.
  • Mine Garmin forerunner 205 showed 26.89

    I have since loaded up in google earth and can see point round Canary Wharf and also around 22 miles it goes way out and also under the train station bridge about 23 miles?

    Link here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/171293856

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