London marathon 2013

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after watching the 2012 event i recorded decided to applie to try and get in it will be 2nd time trying the support looks good round the route


  • i've got a place to run brighton but am definitely going to give london ballot a shot. probably wont get a spot but theres no harm in trying.
  • I've been lucky enough to get in the last two years and after saying last week that was gonna be my third and last marathon I'm not gonna be able to resist entering the ballot on Monday.
  • I'll be applying for the second time, tomorrow.

     Just a thought, but as so many people come away disappointed, might it be an idea for the organisers to put some kind of a ban on successful runners applying the year after they've run? I.e. if you've run the 2012 mara you can't apply for the 2013 but can apply for the 2014?

     I think everyone who wants to run the London mara should get a chance to at some point... there must be thousands of people who have a string of unsuccessful entries and never actually get to take part.

  • I like that idea, but then again I'm biased because I've never done it image Don't you get priority at some point if you've unsuccessfully applied a number of times in a row?

    Does anyone have any idea what time the ballot opens tomorrow?
  • It used to be that if you had five unsuccessful applications in a row, you got a guaranteed place.   They've stopped that now though.

    It would be impossible for the organisers to prevent those who had run one year doing so the following year.  People would simply use their Mum's address, change their date of birth, etc.

    There's nothing in it for them anyway, except extra work - and I think they like the hype around how hard it is to get a place.

  • With having unfortunately to pull out at 13 miles this year I will be putting in for a ballot place tomorrow if I can get on line to do it. I have a place in Brighton 2013 too but will give the ballot a shot
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    After running this year (charity place) and spending mile 17 onwards thinking why the hell did I decide to do a marathon "what a ridiculous idea" was something that i said to myself and others countless times during the course of the day.  I will, naturally, be entering the ballot!!!
  • I'll be applying tomorrow. It would be nice if some changes were made to improve the odds of getting in. Not letting people run two years in a row would be a good idea. I think the biggest change to 'the lottery' would be to find out if we're in sooner. I believe we find out in October or something. I think finding out within a month at most would be far fairer.

    If I can get rid of this fat, I might have a chance of good for age in a year or two.
  • Does anyone know what time the ballot opens tomorrow?


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    One of the downsides of deciding to leave my club. I won't get offered a place. If I want to do it I'll have to run another marathon first. Which is ok.
  • Applied 5 times through the ballot, never once got a place !

    Have ran 3 times for charity ( 2004 / 2005 / 2007 ) and loved every single minute each time !

    Good luck image

  • Jenjen84 wrote (see)

    I'll be applying for the second time, tomorrow.

     Just a thought, but as so many people come away disappointed, might it be an idea for the organisers to put some kind of a ban on successful runners applying the year after they've run? I.e. if you've run the 2012 mara you can't apply for the 2013 but can apply for the 2014?

    I've been saying that for years. It would free up thousands of places every year and give everbody an increased chance - if you desperately wanted to run in consecutive years you could get a Golden Bond place.

    Now they have a computerised system in operatrion it would be simple enough to keep track of who ran and when.

  • Ive not ran in a organised event yet as only started running this year but I have the Great north Run (half marathon) to run in September and after watching this years VLM I definately want a go at that challenge so think Ill give the ballot ago too. dont buy a ticket you wont win the raffle and all that!!!!

    What time does it Open Anyone know ???????????????????????
  • How does the GFA system work and when do I have to apply. Did 3.11 at MK today, am 42 so my understanding is I should get a place?
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    I have done Chester marathon twice and loved it last year we had our names on numbers and every supporter was egging you on by calling your name i am in it this year before i had done blackpool marathon 3 times that was a lot tougher

    glad I did not do Manchester marathon as i read on ratings about the baggage area and runners where waiting for over 1 hour in shivering conditions
  • Hey everyone, just letting you know the ballot is now open! I just applied! Fingers crossed! image
  • Just came on to say its open but you already know that of course!

    Surrey Runner. I think you might be right but I dont know if there is a separate route in to claim GFA since I am SFA (Slow For Age). I'd check theVLM web site pretty quick so if you do go through the ballet route you dont miss out if it is as popular as usual.

     Good Luck to all applying

  • Hi, i applied last year no joy. Just applied today as a GFA.

    Compo - i was one of those freezing manchester runners, how i got a pb i'll never know. The baggage was a free for all and we were shivering, borderline hypothermia potential!
  • Hi Guys,

    Entered the ballot had the conformation page but no email yet?

    About an hour or so now!

    Any ideas or is that the norm?
  • I still don't have email and I entered at 10am. Can't check if it's gone into spam from my phone as I believe some folks have found it there.
  • Mine went to spam.
  • I got my confirmation instantly, but then I did apply just after 1 am when it just opened image Maybe there's a lot of people applying now and there's a bit of a delay?
  • Yeah, I applied at 1am this morning but haven't had a mail back.
    As ever it is such a long shot for applications via the ballot, but I suppose you have to go through the motions of applying.
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    How much is it to run London ? I was under the impression it was around £100 but on the on-line entry form it says standard entry £32 ? Or is this a charge to just enter the ballot and then you pay more if accepted ?

    Also, if  already accepted for Brighton '13 is it easy enough to defer London if you get in or is it not that straightforward ? 

  • It did say £32 and I'm sure that's just how much it is. I know it costs £100 to enter with some charities with their golden bond.
  • Got my email after 90 minutes...the next contact will be the 'sorry' mag dropping in my letterbox around October.

    It might be only £32 for a place but that's because the race is effectively subsidised by the charities, which doesn't seem quite right in my book. A New York marathon place is about £150-£200, which is probably a fairer reflection of the true cost per person.

    Maybe If London put the price up to £100+ people might think twice about putting in for the ballot...
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    I'm in.

    But only the ballot.

    Which means I'll be applying for a club place in the Autumn.....

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • How does a club place work?
  •   I'm not so sure that charities subsidise the race entry fee. Virgin and the other headline sponsors must have an input.
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