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    I'm not convinced (from my vlm helpline experiences in the past) that the people who answer the phones are actually the people who know stuff. So on an optimistic note the woman Oliver spoke to thinking the times would be made more difficult might just be her speculating like the rest of us.

  • I got a name and emailed them. The lady said join the ballot, get your VLM reference number then ring them up regarding the GFA or '5 strikes and your in' Flora/Virgin reject system. This seems to make sense? I hope they don't change the times too much. I'm getting faster but am only just scraping in at 3hrs 48min. But then I do have the option of 5 strikes and I'm in this year but I can't enter both ways according to the lady at Virgin... This is ridiculous, seriously why is it so damn hard! image

  • I didn't think the 5 stikes system existed any more?


  • There are no five strikes and you're in any more it stopped a couple of years ago

  • Literatin: I agree she didn't sound like she was particularly in the know, also gave conflicting info to what someone else has been told, she seemed to think the times are being reviewed this week and should be posted up by the end of the week!

    Laudy: I didn't ask about the ballot, because I had my heart set on qualifying, so I'm not sure!


    Fortunately as I was made aware they might be changing I upped my target and ran a 2.53 today, which I'm hoping will be good enough.. But massively feel for anyone who finished at London last week thinking they'd done enough, if they do change the goalposts! I think it's very wrong to give literally no notice!

  • 2014 GFA times are here:

    I'm not sure what they all were previously but the women's 18-40 has been reduced by 5 minutes.


  • Men's 18-40 has changed to 3:05.

    Before I started training for my qualifying marathon in October last year, I telephoned VLM and asked if times for 2014 would be the same as 2013 and was told they would be. So I started training to run sub-3:10.

    On the day I sillily tried to run sub-3 - which very nearly broke me- and I came in at 3:01:32. I'm now glad I went for it. If I'd run to my plan and come in around 3:07, I wouldn't be a happy bunny right now.


  • Ran 3.08 at Brighton.

    F* it

  • Another one that rang to ask GFA times for 2014 after i Ran 3:06 at blackpool marathon. Took it easy in last few miles and enjoyed it when I realised sub 3 wasnt anywhere near on. Disappointed but glad I checked early this morning. F-ing ballot again

  • Me too! Phoned them one week ago and they practically promised me GFA times wouldn't change. So much for my 3.09...

  • I will hopefully get in this year with a 3:03 after 4 years of trying. Shocked this GFA has come down to 3:05 which is now level with Boston but London has all the (KFCimage) bucket list entrants who turn up to walk the 'race' in 7+ hours. Yes, yes I know some do it for charity and that's great etc but it really degrades the event - almost like 2 events on the 1 day now: 1 for runners & 1 for walkers.

  • London wouldn't be London without all of the charity aspect.

    Would you get the capital shut just for serious athletes to indulge themselves ? I'm not so sure. Certainly you wouldn't get 5 hours of bbc coverage.
  • I am 59 and ran 3.33.55 this year and applied for the ballot this morning, then heard about the changes, the over 60 has changed to 3.40, so am I in or not, I will be 60 next VLM but my run was when I was 59?

    Have tried to ring this morning but if there are only two women in the office, they seem to be quite busy!

  • Interesting that they haven't changed the 40 to 49 menmum limit.  

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    David Falconer 3 wrote (see)
    Shall we open up the whole charity can of worms again, or have we done that to death?


    Nah, I think we can wait till the ballot rejection magazines turn up to do that one again.

  • My 3:09 is no good then. Bums.

    Hey ho, ballot it is then.

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    i am ok for boston as i only need a 3:10 but cannot believe they changed it at such a late stage - i aimed for sub 3:10 and got it, now i have no time to run again and go sub  3:05.

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