Painful Achilles



  • What I've found over the past few days is similar to you, stretching had helped and I don't feel any pain when running. I'm not thinking about changing my running shoes or adding insoles to them but I am thinking about some off the shelf insoles to use in work shoes / everyday trainers for a bit more support.

    I'd maybe just carry on stretching and then build back up to where to were from a mileage point of view and see how it reacts, it might be some residual muscle tightness from your marathon! If you think your toe has always been a bit funky and its never bothered you before then why think about changing anything immediately?

    I've never used a foam roller but heard a lot of people talk about them recently...... Would you recommend them?

    I'm not a bit fan of taping / supporting either, maybe that's why we are the ones asking questions!!
  • Hi Gaz,

    I agree with Forty on this - maybe you're just tight post marathon. I've had hip pain since running Brighton marathon and it's only really settled in the last few days with rest from running and a few stretches. I wouldnt worry about insoles or anything at the mo, just ease back into it and hopefully you'll be fine.
  • Thanks for the help everyone - I'll report back in a week or so.

  • Tom - those dynamic calf stretches are brilliant, thanks!
  • No worries, thank Andy Dubois, he came up with them!!
  • Will do just that when I next see him!!

    I'm thinking of getting a grid roller to help keep my legs loose. Do you have any experience of them?
  • Yeah they're really good, going to get a new one soon myself.
  • Thanks Tom Goom for sharing Andy Dubois dynamic calf stretches film - will be giving those a go. Am off out for a local off road trot after 3-months of achilles treatment ... all physios and acupunturist have drummed into me is s-t-r-e-t-c-h, s-t-r-e-t-c-h, s-t-r-e-t-c-h ... so fingers-crossed.  Cheers GMx

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