PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • *crosses bike training off Fink plan* image


  • Ironman training week 1 complete! 7h45m logged this week including a 2h30m bike and 20min. run-off today. Rest day tomorrow. image

    Anyone else training or are you all winging it? image

  • a mixture of both i fear imageimageimage

  • I'm with fraggle.  

    Just about to go for a run though. About an hour's plod. Well done Badger. 

  • Winging it.


  • Evening all

    First week on Fink or a closeish approximation, 8 hours, over 8 sessions including 1:40 on the bike with a QC to 20min run.

    When will they finally publish the route?

    Are the drinks/gels on the course going to be USN?

  • Good work Scuba - sounds like you're similar to me - let's hope we can keep it up! image I'm not sure about the USN stuff, they are stated as being a 'nutrition partner' for the race, but whether that actually means they are providing the on-course nutrition or not I am not sure?

  • Badger - Looking at the Challenge website it says that USN products will be available at the feeding stations on the run.

    Lovely rest day todayimage.

  • I've eaten my bodyweight in karamelwaffen today. Nice.

    Scuba, I wonder what's being handed out on the bike then?

    Had FB update today from Challenge UK...

    "Watch out for the new bike route (with a cheeky new incline) - coming soon...."

    One hopes that new incline isn't too cheeky!

  • The route goes past Henley Breweries - why aren't they the 'nutritional partner'??? That might keep the locals happy, supporting local business and all image

  • I wonder if all this banter in the Henley Griper is something that Lord Coe referred to as the Olympic Legacy?

    Anyway. "Winging it" included a 21 mile run today.

  • Blimey, well done Blisters. Winging it for me was a 6 mile run yesterday and a 14 mile bike today. 

    Henley beer. yummy, but prefer Rebellion in Marlow to Breakspear in Henley, although I'm always happy for a taste test just to double check. 

  • Brakspear, not Breakspear image

    I should know image

  • Sorry schmunks.  Happy to be corrected.image

    But I might have to buy a bottle just to make sure. image

  • I'll tap my great great great great great great great Uncle for a freebie on your behalf image

  • Show off. image image

  • Great. Woke up with a sore throat and have a slightly runny nose and have been sneezing occasionally. Generally I feel ok though. Question is, should I train?
  • I think the rule is, if it's above the neck train on (but perhaps not so hard) if its below the neck then don't.

    If you feel OK you can still train imo.

  • In the same boat UB bloody kids and their germs image   am training 'easy' and avoiding the pool today as I feel like I'm drowning already and don't think I'd survive image

  • hey up - bike course details are up (at last)


  • b*gger, it does indeed have that gurt great hill I was not looking forward to image

  • eek! Don't like the sound of that new "cheeky" hill. Better start practicing and might even have a drive out there this weekend for a little sampler. Looks like some fun bits added in though. 

  • pm me if you're going out that way Soupy, as I'm planing to go over that way probably on sunday

  • ok will do. Sunday it is. Anyone else? I just want to know what I've got to train towards and if I see how far I can get up it now then I'll have a good yardstick for how much I've improved later in the year. 

  • Fraggle/Badger - Hope the colds go quickly.

    Glad the course has finally been announced and that I went out on hiller route today for my 50min ride. I know that hill will be a lung buster but the long stretches of flat and fast roads can be just as hard pushing the big gear for ages without a break.

    Soup/fFraggle - please report back if you go for a recce.

  • I'll be heading out that way over the weekend no doubt. Let me know when you ladies are planning to go.

    But maybe do a proper recce ride sometime with everyone?

    That hill is quiet nasty coming back up into Nettlebed!! Should be fun!image

  • I won't be doing a full recce. I plan to drive the whole course and ride a couple of hills to get an idea but meeting up with anyone on the way for joint wibble would be very welcome. image

  • Do people fancy meeting at Starbucks on Sunday morning then - where we can drink lots of coffee, eat huge cakes and talk each other out of riding up and down them dam hills??

  • Oi!!  Rafi, I am watching you know !!!     Get yer arse out of starbucks and up them feckin hills.

  • I could be talked into doing the 37 miles at a slow pace, and with a cake stop half way. I might have to get off and push up the hills at some point too but so long as you don't laugh at me (well not too much) I might agree to be sociable. image  My longest ride this year has been 20 miles so I've got some training to do

    Otherwise plan A and Rafs plan for starbucks. 

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