PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Hey guys sorry to hijack your thread, I'm fairly new too RW forums but il be racing there again this year, as I did last year. If you haven't done it before I hope you like cycling in hills.... I only live 20 miles away from the race venue so would be rude not too go again! It's a pretty decent event overall and the run is soo flat!
  • Hi jamie.Good to hear that its good enough for you to return for more torture (I mean hills).  Welcome to the thread, you are not hijacking at all.

    Well not unless you are talking IM Wales. image

  • Thanks muchly, I'm really looking forward too it already, hoping to break the sub 11 this year only just missed it last year, thinking the bike leg is some full on race in the first lap is really not advisable but it was my first iron distance so I learnt from my mistakes!
  • Good to see this threat getting more and more active.

    Badger - Cycle commutes will really help with the mileage, wish I could do the same. Nice 400m pd. mine is only 9:10.

    Soup - I take it your not from a running background, I never have an issue getting out for a run, and as you say the Z2 stuff is so easy, I don't have the dread of a hard interval session to put me off.

    Blisters - Great swim, I am terrible at keeping count, I can manage it up to 400m. I'm only doing interval type main sets at the moment, but I should start the long ones soon. I'm worried that with out interval rests my stroke technique will become worse and worse and lock in bad form. Have you tried alternating your breathing side, if I'm not doing bilateral then I switch breathing side ever length to make sure I don't favour and more than i do already.

    Checkers - Nice sessions. I find the caffeine in gels helps and a rarely go out for a morning run/bike without a strong coffee in me.

    Jamie - Welcome aboard, your experience will be welcome and local knowledge too.

    I spoke to the USN guys at the tri show yesterday and glad to hear they have a load of products that will be l launching in the UK in the next month or so with will  be at the feed station. This includes isotonic gels, Zero style fizz electrolyte tablets etc. I also bought my swimming first wet suit from the Orca stand, I tried on four brands and Orca seem to fit best and had a decent price for intermediate suit.

  • ST - Surprisingly, I am from a running background albeit of a a slow plodding variety. But I've always struggled to get out and do it, and always enjoyed it once I'm out. Don't have that with biking or swimming quite so much. I love my bike and swimming. I think I'll be walking most of the run section though, my aim is just a sub 16 finish. 

    Quick question, what do we become when we've finished, if anything? I mean like being called you are an Ironman or an Outlaw. Don't know why it matters but it does. I want to say I am an .................   

    Fickle me. image



  • I think we'll just be er, 'challenged' Soupy (mentally or otherwise) imageimage


    top training chaps, I should be doing my long ride tomorrow but I'm at the tri show, so it's going to have to be a 1.5-2 hour turbo session today instead (oh joy)  followed by a recovery run.


    and welcome JT image

  • 44 miles on the bike this morning (2h55m)

    masochism this afternoon.

  • Hey SD when you cross the finish line they say welcome to the challenge family, as its classed as iron distance you can call yourself a ironman, I personally prefer the term nutter as the distance is just silly image

    fragile you are more of man then me 2 hours on the turbo, I would be drier if I went swimming!

    Anyway I have a very strenuous day of doing nothing as got the bath half tomorrow with the mrs.... To say I'm excited is a understatement feels like a millienium since my last race (which was Henley)
  • Welcome aboard Jamie - you can tell us what it's like at the other end of the field! image

    Good detective work re: USN Scuba. I was looking at their products a few weeks back and thinking 'what the hell is going to be handed out?' as their range didn't seem as big as some of the other brands. However, on the bike I'm thinking of going self supported with a bottle full of gels and then just pick up water on the way round (with the odd treat in my back pocket)

    Just realised it's less than two weeks until I'm off to Lanzarote for some warm weather training! image

    Now procrastinating about my one hour run/walk (hey, it's cold out there!).

  • Do the run/walk! It's not as cold as it has been! Just spend the whole time thinking of warm and very lumpy Lanza! Which I am not at all jealous of... Sarcasm off now image
  • "fragile" ? think I will be after a long turbo session image   have fan and olympics dvd or music to keep me sane image  (sadly the Mr is out all day, so have to turbo it rather than leave the kids on their own)

  • Stupid auto correct on the iPad sorry image understanble about the kids not a lot you can do! Il stick too my plan of doing nothing this Arvo! Good luck on the turbo image
  • All the best for Bath half tomorrow jamie.  I've done a short bike and plan a long run tomorrow. Didn't get to the tri show, other things copped up and I lost track of time finding different bike routes to download to my garmin. I'm wondering about changing my work hours from 4 days a week to 5 days but finishing at 2pm every day.. That gives me loads of time in the afternoon for some quality sessions and a quiet pool. Although the full day off each week is nice, hmmmmmm - any thoughts anyone?

    Challenge family - yep that'll do me.  although Nutter would do too. image


  • I would go for the 5 days with a short finish because of the weather it will be Sod's law on your extra day off you will get rain, finishing at 2 will allow for some great bike and run sessions in the early afternoon before everyone leaves work, just my 2 cents... Il let you know how I do in the afternoon I'm nervous for the mrs her first race past 10k...
  • 5km County Road Race Championships.

    Didn't know what the legs had in them, but went out and gave it everything.
    Time 20:32, which a smidgen over 6:30m/m, so I'm, well pleased with that as it followed a 44 miler on the bike this morning.
    Won a packet of choc chip cookies and a County Medal for my efforts.

    Good luck at the Bath Half all those who are using it a a pace judge for Apri,

  • Great running Blisters. Well done.

    jamie - yep thats what I'm thinking. I used to do 5 short days until recently but think I will ask to revert back. Thing is, I have to go past my work to get to most of my biking routes anyway and the pool is closer to work than home. Flexible work request going in on Monday. 


  • Awesome time blisters you can munch all those choccy cookies guilt free....

    Do it soup will allow for some great training bring the bike too work no excuse for riding then....!
  • Anyone live near to Reading and want a place in the Reading Half Marathon in two weeks
  • UltimateBadger - which camp in Lanza are you off to??
    I'm flying out to PdC on Saturday for the EverydayTraining camp. image

  • turbo done (with many many interruptions - I feel like it's taken me all bl**dy day!) - motivated myself by watching this

    enjoy image

  • OMG - that makes it so real Fraggle. I want to do it! image

    Well done on persevering on the turbo. 

  • Gutted I'm not in the vid image that hill they are filming at is the easy one by the wayimage

    Great job on the turbo fraggle now go showerimage
  • Nice one Fraggle - is that you at the top of Pishill? And I guess that's Bedders coming out of T1 (just before TC in the infamous denim shorts??)

    (and that hill they're filming at the top of isn't in it anymore - the new one is worse image)

  • yes nice shot of Bedders' arse in T1, and yes me looking so happy going up the p!ssing hill image   just after Stephen Bayliss finishes you can see the back of me running down the red carpet with No2 son image

  • ps - JT have had a nice hot bath and the mr is whipping up a stir-fry image

  • Yeah I heard about some big hoo har about it in the paper, the new on is short and steep? Not entirely sure.... Hoping its a good change.
  • the new course is three identical laps - out Fairmile and up the dual carriageway to the roundabot which is long slow drag. Then up Howe Hill, which is a 1 in 10, but its only half a mile long, so it's over pretty quick - it then leads into an 8 mile downflat to the bottom of Fairmile again - so you have time to recover!

  • jamie, me and fraggle rode the new hill last Saturday. Its steep and not exactly what I would call short.  I suspect there will be a good number pushing on the last lap. image

  • Cheers for the info I might venture out for a ride there next week, steep and long... Don't you love those.... Nothing quite like wrecked legs for a marathon.
  • Is it really a solid 10% for the entire half mile or is that an average? Gulp. image

    1 hour run/walk done - 10k covered. I'll be chuffed to **** if I could hold that for the whole IM marathon! It was actually a nice day down here. Is anyone else going to use a run/walk strategy or do you all think you'll attempt to run the whole way?

    Have watched that video hundreds of times already. It makes me scared and excited all at the same time.

    @Orange - not doing a camp, just going to CLS with some club mates (about 15 of us I think) Looking forward to some warm sunshine! image

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