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  • Soup Dragon wrote (see)

    But don't take your own pasty to Henley. image

    Take sandwiches!

    I think I overcarbed last year. 4.5 litres of high5 and a gel (80cal) or bar chunk (100cal) every 20 minutes. Workout what energy you need and budget for that plus a wee bit more. If I go long again I'll probably try to go for more liquids that anything else.

  • Cat - Wow thats a lot of carbs, just looking at the Hi5 website and they same 750-1000mls an hour or drop that down and add gels.

    Barlos - Shame about the pasty, not sure it the first thing i'd want to eat after a 2.4mile swim in the irish sea.

    Sound like its all about personal preference and finding out what works, I have a feeling I'm going to have a few uncomfortable long bikes finding out what doesn't work for me.

    As part of my recovery week I cut my swim today down to 35mins and did my first gym session in months, I may be a little sore in the morning. 35min Z2 turbo this afternoon felt strangely tough this afternoon.

  • I think I might tape a Pringles carton to my top tube, should be able to get loads of stuff in there. If I slice open the side like it is a Post Box door then we should have a workable solution. Painted yellow and black, obviously.

    I don't suppose that the Pringles idea has been tried before?

  • erm, yes Blisters, I think Candy had the AeroPringles at the first ever pirate venture ??

  • 30 min. run @ 06:30 then 2200m in the pool last night, done as 11x200m, alternating pull/straight. Nice n' easy. 45 min run/walk planned for the gym today.

  • Pringles on the top tube brilliant I love it! I reckon you could pack in about 3/4 sausage rolls, small pack of crisps and maybe a chocolate bar real ironman food!

    Nice badger I just had a similar swim session myself with 2k done in 200 metre sets focusing on technique... And attempting to keep up with the lady in my lane....

    Off topic another race this Sunday newbury duathlon...yay! Came 6th last year ... Sod's law some decent people will turn up this week... Better start working on some excusesimage
  • Newbury? Ah, I hear that Gobi has been cycling like a nutter, and he's not averse to donning his trainers now and again, just to see if he can still win races.

    As for fodder, I'm going to try out that old staple of fig rolls. I might need to pack a few wet wipes for emergency purposes. I got bored of paying a fortune for breakfast bars, so made my own creation flapjacks, with all the lovely goodness I could scrounge out of the cupboards. Hazelnuts were yum, pumpkin seeds OK, sultanas and currants were vile: they bloated up during cooking, then carbonised. The worst bit was that I wrapped the bars neatly in aluminium foil. When I opened them up with my teeth the pain was agonising as it reacted with my fillings.

  • jamie tardi wrote (see)

    Pringles on the top tube brilliant I love it! I reckon you could pack in about 3/4 sausage rolls, small pack of crisps and maybe a chocolate bar real ironman food!
    lol - I think you need to check out Candy's experience of aero pringles holder before you embark on any further plans. And it is of course now etched in legend. image


  • Jamie - Good Luck on Sunday, hopefully a podium this year.

    Blisters - I'm thinking of trying out a flapjack recipe too, thanks for the tips.

    I've enjoyed my rest week. 2hours and 30 miles (need to get exacts of garmin) and a 15min brick run today and just a 30min run and 30min swim + gym session tomorrow. Will have been a total of about 7:30 hours, going back to 9+ hours next week will be hard.

  • Thanks ST I hoping soo too however done a lot of training this week so not sure how its gonna go! It's also gonna be bastard cold image

    You will be fine mate you missed it reallyimage
  • We're supposed to be doing 9 hours a week at the moment, are we?

  • Apparently so I'm not following fink though so mine is very different :/
  • Raced today 8th overall cat pos 1st 300+ racing so happy with that!
  • doing lots of recovery today - ie sleeping and trying to fend this virus off before it gets too bad image

    managed 10 hours last night (and that was after a power nap of the sofa yesterday image)



  • jamie tardi wrote (see)
    Raced today 8th overall cat pos 1st 300+ racing so happy with that!

    Well done. I was due to race it, but I raced last weekend and will be racing next weekend, so it fell off my plan.

    What was the course like?

  • Did two laps of the bike course today - Howe Hill hurts second time round image

  • Run course was really sketchy due too rain should have bought the xc trainers! Also the run course was shortened a small bit or i ran a 5k in 15 minsimage.... Bike course was windy and hilly and was locked into battle the whole time with some other nutter who was hellbent on going for it(he blew too pieces on the run haha!) but yeah was decent! I got beaten by the same dude from last year again he needs too stop turning up haha! I also raced last weekend too but i live in newbury so i really fancied it!
  • Are you doing Marlow next weekend?

  • Lazy weekend for me, been away for a hotel break. But it had  a pool so I did some swim drills. Swimming coaching tomorrow, then long bike on Tuesday. I'm concentrating mostly on the bike, then swim and jut keeping running ticking over for now at about 6 miles.

    JT - congrats on 8th place. 

    Hope the weather pick up for Marlow next week. 

    Raf - you are not helping! But well done. 

  • No not racing marlow im assuming thats a half mara? Ive got a couple os smaller races until may when my tri season cracks off with a oly distance... I would be tempted too do marlow if it was the week after i would definetly do it...

    Thanks Soup i really enjoyed the whole race to be honest the sprint finish with 9th place was brilliant!
  • Blisters - Fink doesn't call for 9hour but I'm doing an extra swim a week and about an hour extra bike mostly on the long ride.

    Jamie - Good result in tough conditions, sounds like you enjoyed it.

    Raf - Your going to be a expert on the course by the autumn, aren't you going to get bored of it?

    Fraggle - Hope you get over the virus soon and don't lose to much training.

    Soup - some top quality recovery there. I'm taking a similar approach, concentrating on swimming and bike and letting the runs just tick over.

    Hard session this morning, 30min run (3.75miles) then 30min in the gym (legs then core) then 30mins swim (slow and easy). I'm going to have to mix up my training days again next week as I have a local 10k race on Sunday, after last week I'm in the mood for another PB.

  • 2 hour bike yesterday followed by 1:05 run today, unfortunately with some knee pain. Got physio again tomorrow though.

    Rounds off Fink Wk4 for me @ 7.5 hours. We're due 8 hours next week and 9 hours the week after - though I'm in Lanza so my plan will be all over the shop. image

  • Good efforts all round.

    JT - Marlow is another du.

  • I better not race next week as i have loads comming up however whos up for comming to my end of the woods for a diy duathlon good pub grub locally use my gaf as transtionimage

    Thanks ST i really did enjoy it, i truly love racing ive come to the conclusion im the saddest 26 year old on the planet as all i want too do is race all the time!

    I wouldnt need much persuading too do marlow but i dont know if i want too drag the mrs out of bed 3 weekends in a row!
  • Hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed the rest week last week.

    I may a bit of an error Sunday, I did my long ride Saturday, so Sunday was a 30min run and swim. I decided to run then straight into the gym for 30mins then only 30min swim, sounded like a good plan and it worked quite well. I took it easy in the gym just gentle leg work then felt tired in the pool so just went gently with longer rest intervals. The error only came apparent the following morning when I was so sore particularly my thighs, no gym work for 4months really showed. I took all of Monday to get movement back to normal and even this morning on the turbo it was not pretty. Thankfully it didn't stop me training and I managed 45mins mostly Z2 on the turbo and a 20min brick run tri club coached swim later.

  • Best ideas are always the ones that tend to end up hurting ST.  Well done on working through it. 

    I had a great swim session yesterday. I biked 12 miles there and up a hill that goes on forever as a warm up too so feeling virtuous. Turns out my stroke isn't at all bad now but what tires me out swimming is I'm not getting the breathing right. I hold my breath for a couple of seconds before breathing out under water so after a few strokes I'm almost hyperventilating. I had no idea I was doing that and only found out cos I'm filmed and she watched for when the bubbles started. I love it when I get a breakthrough.  Breathing drills and quickening stroke rate with a temp trainer on the cards for the next 2 weeks. image

  • Good stuff Soup - you can practice exhaling into the water without even swimming just by bobbing up and down and getting the timing right.

    Did 30/15 brick today but my knee is not great at the moment. I am going to not run for a few days and let it heal up a bit. I've had ITBS and now what feels like anterior knee pain which I'm currently getting physio for. I think I'm overdoing the running a bit (I only ever used to do a couple of runs a week!)

    Sacking off swimming tonight and the run tomorrow as I'm packing for Lanza and I'll be doing tons of training during that week! image

  • ST too many times have I done weekends like that and the. Realise I can't get out if bed the next day lol!

    Soup that's great I love a good breakthrough especially when swimming, getting the breathing right is key (apart from a couple of other bits image)... I'm working hard on swimming too mainly my catch as its a bit off..

    Badger I'm not at all jealous your going too lovely warm Lanza and I'm going too stay here in the freezing cold! image

    Off topic I ended up 7th in final results for last weekends race which I'm happy with!

    Oh and my mate at work (who's mrs basically runs human race) got me into Kingston breakfast run which is 16 miles on the 24th of march... By chance anyone going?
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    As you were  image

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    She who must be obeyed is keeping an eye on us.

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