PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Red..... everyone knows that! image

  • Seeming as I've had a particularly good day I decided too post my training today image started the morning off with a 2.5km swim, which was ok apart from this other triafelete in my lane who was about 10 secs per 100m faster then me and doing tumble turns which I'm too ignorant/lazy too learn too doimage

    Then I went for a little bike ride in the Berkshire/Wiltshire country side in the freezing artic wind but the sun was out..... Even got the TT bike out for a bit of fun! So 105.4 miles 3,500 m of climbing (about flipping 70% was on the back half) in dead on 6 hours which was ok... Decided too bin off the transtion run though was so cold..... Too sum it up awesome day of fun!
  • well done jamie. 

    I've got a bit behind with bike miles so hoping to get some sessions in over Easter. 

  • I'll second that - top work Jamie. 6 hours out on the bike in the current glorious (!) weather is quite an achievement

  • Thanks guys and girls, apart from the cold and talking too myself at about 85 miles it was very fun, can't wait for the season too get into action!
  • image I hope everyone else here isn't doing the same as Jamie! I'm a little behind that just at the mo! I have got an 80+ miler sportive coming up in a few weeks though.

  • I feel knackered now decided too make the most of the sunshine this morning I assumed it would be warmer then it looked which it wasent! image nice 26 mile ride nothing amazing as was taking it a bit easier than yesterday, then in my infinite wisdom I thought a 13 mile brick was a fantastic idea, it was until about mile 7 when I hit a huge headwind on the return journey and went from 7:10 m/m to a 8:10 m/m crawl it felt like... Then went for a beasting in the pool for a couple of km... All in all another fun albeit hard day image
  • Oh and badger what sportive? I have a 90 miler in a week or so
  • Well Jamie - to make myself feel better I am going to state that you are peaking too early! image

    I am doing the Wiggle New Forest one. Which one are you doing?

    Good week so far for me, haven't missed a sesh. 2:30 bike tomorrow morning, then a 1:15 run/walk on Saturday morning before heading off on family duties for a couple of days. Will take Sunday as my rest day and prob. get another bike in on Monday. Be rude not to.

  • Bugger I would have done it if I had known, I'm doing the joker in Salisbury planes on the 7th 150km route of course! As too peaking I do a lot of long distance races year round and to be honest as my times aren't too bad I'm gonna continue on my crazy training ideaimage however in may I'm doing the oly distance in the new forest!
  • Evening. No chance of me peaking too early. But I did have a productive swim today, not distance cos I wasn't counting but in breathing. And as my breathing got more relaxed I could increase my stroke count easier and didn't increase my stroke rate with it either. Breathing is generally a good idea I think. 

    I'm doing a 100mile ride from Oxford in July. Itsa bike "event" rather than a sportive, no chip times so it can take me as long as I need. 

  • Nice soup! Every time I think of riding a bike in or near Oxford I just think of being molested by hundreds of bloody uni students at the lights...
  • Nice one Soup. Keep plugging away.

    My swimming is coming on nicely now that I'm swimming twice a week. I used to only swim once a week and managed to get my 400m down to low 7's. Not too sure if I am any faster but I certainly have much better endurance now.

    Hope everyone has a great long weekend of training! image



  • And I got that the wrong way round. I increased my stroke rate without increasing stroke count. Doh!  7mins for 400m -crikey thats fast. 


  • Gonna be a hour swim and a turbo session for me today I think... My legs are completely shot quads and calfs ache due too the last 2 days of big volume riding and running, got a 80 miler planned for tommoro as well as the park run in the morning, was hoping for a sub 17:30 but the way I'm feeling il be lucky of a sub 20 image.... I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!
  • The sun is shining and the temp is showing 25. image

  • I think the themometer has bust. Just stepped outside and its cold lol. Putting another layer on before getting on my bike. image

  • Good bike session today. Applied for a new job so tried the bike journey there and back on my hybrid commuter, then did it again to make 22 miles. Then swapped to my road bike for a track session with my bike club and 13 miles on the track done average pace 14mph which felt comfortable.  40 mile ride planned tomorrow. 

    Hope everyone has a good day. 

  • Today was supposed to be my rest day but then I realised that, as it is only 23 hours long, Sunday will work better as a rest day. Cycled 25 miles this morning and, since it wasn't as cold (I would say warmed up but that'd be a lie!) this afternoon I've just done another 30 mile ride today. Running day tomorrow.
  • Nice work soup I hope you get your job! Getting some nice miles in! I am getting out on the bike tommoro too weather looks nice! image
  • 50 mile ride for me this morning. Bang on 3 hours @ 128 bpm avg. Felt good. Starting to get the beginnings of a nutrition strategy together now and it's really helping with how I feel during the ride. Funny that! Was cold but not too bad, the sun making a welcome appearance! Hopefully going to get out for another 50-60 mile ride on Monday.

  • Bloody great work badger! It's amazing the difference the sun makes, and your ride sounds very well paced! I know what you mean with the nutrition I'm still trying too improve mine as I really flagged at the end of my last long ride...
  • I tried pork pie and malt loaf today. Not sure about the pie but malt loaf certainly went down well. 

  • I read that as pork pie malt loaf yurgh image
  • Yeah I'm not sure about the pork pie - I think a lot of saturated fat will really slow the absorption of carbs? I'd try a lower fat savoury alternative. I just had jelly babies, a gel and some weak sports drink today. At the moment I'm concentrating on getting the calories per hour dialled in, then I will start working on what precisely will make up those calories. I'm thinking of alternating gels and bars with maybe a savoury something as a backup. We've plenty of training rides ahead of us to get it all dialled in! image

  • Last year I went for the time trodden route of flapjack rammed down with a gel every hour and munching a bit of flap jack every 30 mins with sports drink... Worked alright and easy on the tummy, thinking of maybe trying to get a bagel in there, to be honest if I get any more food in my jersey/bento box il need a trailer haha!
  • Training-wise I had a gel every 45 minutes and drank High5 2:1 mixed 2 scoops per 750ml. On the day I had some 200kcal cereal bars cut in to 4 and had a bit every 20 mins, then a gel every 20 mins afterwards. Loads of High5 from the feedstation too.

    No way was I undercarbed!

  • I'm just wanting a savoury option if possible as well as the gels/flapjack etc. Marmite butties are next on the list. Most of my calories will be gel/flapjack/maltloaf I expect.  I'm possibly going to be 8 hours on that bike so that could be a lot of gel. image

  • Have you seen the photo in 220 Tri this month - with the bagels hanging off the aero bars!!

  • I knew there was a use for aero bars. Genius image

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