What are you wearing?



  • Nothing.

    Doing a very long post-run streatching session

  • Brown clingy top and a brown and pink knee length skirt.  I think the slippers let the outfit down a bit.

  • Jeans, shirt and boots. Sunglasses (holding long hair back). Drop quartz earrings. Earrings are sooooooooo important image

  • Black PVC hot pants, union jack cape and bunny ears.

  • jama pants and a t shirt. Mad hair completes the look I feel.

  • Corrie, you didn't have to dress up for me image

    I'm back in my swimming clothes again as I have three OW swims planned for the rest of the day.

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    duck, how did you get on yesterday?

    3 hours 14 mins 9 secs...but finished happy, not sobbing, not hyperventilating and skipped over to the medals! Awesome day! How about you?

  • Wooo!! Well done KK!!!

  • I'm trying to must the energy to have a toddle round Saltram...

  • SC - in your honour, I shall spend the remainder of the day wearing channel swimer's greaseimage

  • Do you need me to apply it for you Corrie? image

  • Yeah... but warm your hands up first thoughimage

  • My hands are always warm image

  • Someone else's clothes

  • Are they still in them OW?

  • <just checking>

  • Nope. 


    Rain shower...no coat. Generous bloke!

  • or a danger of getting dressed in the dark?

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