Foods you want to chuck in Room 101

For me...

peanuts, all forms thereof

offal and its related products





  • Raw tomatoes

    Offal (but not if it's made into a good haggis)

    Pickled gherkins

    Most fish


    (And I know this is a drink, but - )  Mellow Birds

  • Other than offal and Mellow Birds (because I don't know what it is) I like all of these foods so far, so you can chuck them my way image

    Sprouts, or as I call them, The Devil's Testicles image
    Goat's milk/cheese (because it tastes like goats smell image)




  • celery 

    I can live with or tolerate the rest

  • Andouillette image That is all. 

  • mushrooms (even ahead of Marmite)

  • image

    Needless to say I image both Saffy image

  • Mushrooms and goat's cheese. Mainly because I am veggie and so many restaurants seem to base their vegetarian choices around these two items and I hate them both. There are  other foods I don't much like but can force myself to eat

  • Celery

    What's andouillette or do I not wish to know? image

  • Celery. It is the vegetable of the antiChrist. It has no right to exist.

    Foul, foul stuff <shudder>

  • Cinders, it is a sausage made from pig's colons and thus smells much like French public toilets. image

    I don't think you wanted to know that did you. image

  • Chocolate.  Not because I hate it, on the contrary, I love it.  If it was banished to Room 101, then i'd probably be as slim as Kate Moss* image


    *not likely

  • Peas
    Baked beans
    Kidney beans

  • The only things I don't like are tripe and kidneys, but it's really easy to avoid them.

    I tried andouillette once, it wasn't bad.  Not nice enough to have again, though.

  • SuperCaz wrote (see)

    Baked beans
    Kidney beans


  • There really is no food that I hate. But raw celery is my least favourite thing image

  • Love celery hate marmite and parsley and seafood in any form and tomatoes

  • Marmite, marzipan, offal (with the exception of haggis) & lamb image

  • Lee the Pea wrote (see)
    SuperCaz wrote (see)
    Baked beans
    Kidney beans


    Lee, you are on the list as I like you as you are and don't want you eaten.  Its for your own protection from the cruel world outside

  • Licorice



    pickled herring/tinned mackerel

    And a second for Okra - i dont really believe we are supposed to eat it....

    - Lee I would eat you, i lurrve peas

  • Mushy peas are particularly yummy image

  • whelks (my mum would be sad though)


  • fennel

    lamb - just the smell makes me want to throw up


  • clairewiththehair wrote (see)


    lamb - just the smell makes me want to throw up  

    how could I forget lamb! I get the same reaction Claire...shudder!

  • Below is the devil's food and I won't be fighting him for it! image



    Turkish Delight



    White Chocolate



  • Creamy cheese

    Sweetcorn (what can pass through the human digestive system untouched can't be good for you!)



     KK - you heathen, crab sticks are the food of the gods   (*pops off back to Foods You Can't thread*)



  • Sprouts
    Really strong cheeses

  • Celery

    Strictly speaking I dont think it should be defined as a food, so doesnt really belong on this thread.

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