Bupa London 10,000 - Monday 27 May 2013

As has become customary in these 'ere parts, I have started next years Bupa 10,000 entry list. I shall be entering later when I get back from work. Who else had such a blast yesterday that they are coming back for more?


  • I have done the deed image

    Jr Schmunks
    Dad of Jr

  • SlowkoalaSlowkoala ✭✭✭
    I'm in!
  • I'm in too

  • I'm in - and will make sure I'm there super-early next year!!!

  • I'm in too image

  • Entered
    Dad of Jr
    Jr Schmunks
    Toco Toucan

  • I'm in again, signed up straight once the email arrived yesterday.

  • Hey.. why did I get missed out of that list!?

  • Sorry for the slight departure from topic but what did everyone else think of the Olympic route. It was the old route in reverse but leaving out the underpass. I'm a creature of habit and much prefer the "normal" route. I hope we revert back next year.

  • Me too - In the 10k that is 

  • *with apologies to Sonic* image

    Dad of Jr
    Envious Plodder
    Jr Schmunks
    Sonic the sprinter
    Toco Toucan

  • I'm in, and so is my son Adam.


    That makes



    image  I think I need to change his name - Adamp what?

  • Me!  I had a right blast this year!  Back for more!

  • My favourite race of the year. Perfect.

  • I'm in, did it last year and really enjoyed it. Returning from a week in NYC the day before so hope my jet lag won't be too bad!!

  • A spot of shopping in NYC hansyhobs? image

  • Amongst other things image actually been looking out for a race to do but I'm arriving and leaving on a Saturday so there's nothing that suits. I'll just have to stick with a few runs around central park, did that the last time I was there (Jan 2012) and it was glorious.

  • Sounds ideal. There may be a midweek event you can find?
  • That would be good, just a 5K or something small would be perfect but I'm having trouble finding a list of events going on

  • Hi All!

    I'm in along with my husband gmike image

    Mr. K. is in too.

    Please add to your list Shmunkee.

  • Congratulations  image

  • Arrrgghhh - I was in, as per the list, but am unable to run it now.  Does anyone know if I can defer entry or pass on my number ot someone else?  Have got a feeling you're not allowed to do either on this one?

  • I think you're right Sonic - no deferral system for this one.

    I've just started the training following a knee problem.  Looking forward to this annual outing.

  • I'm really keen for a place in this if anyone unable to run it ?

  • Congrats TracyB and Gmike - great photo in the mag imageimage

  • Does that mean that numbers have been sent out?  Haven't received mine yet image

  • I am in.

    Trigger2 I think that the numbers get sent out about 2 weeks before the event, well I hope thats the case as I haven't got mine either!

  • OK thanks for that was just wondering where the photo andyp refers to

  • It's in Runnersworld this month trigger2image

  • I'm in too - very excited, ran it 2 years ago and loved it. image

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