Toughest Amateur Event in the World?: UK June 1-10!



  • This time next week guys ..... errr, it still wont be over   image

    Race strong Monique and any of our Tripe Talk friends 

  • Have a great one guys!!!
  • Thanks for the heads up on this, look forward to following it.

    Good luck, have fun image
  • Good luck all. You are clearly mentalists. But good luck anyway
  • they all seem to be going well..............11 of the 12 started...i hope we keep the 11 all was horrible last year waiting with baited breathe each day to see how many got into the water at 6 am........out of the 20 starters only 3 finished............this year they all understand how tough the course is

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    good luck TC and Mon, and thanks for the summary TC


  • fat buddha wrote (see)

    TC - a tip - when you get in the water, swim in the correct direction please and not like you did at Henley last year when a) you arrived late for the start and b) started swimming downriver and not up where everyone else was headed.......image

    actually - no - in hindsight do as you did 'cos it was so fecking funny to watch.....

    good luck guys - hope to get across on either Mon or Tue to give some abuse....

    Ah jeez, happy days. I'm glad you witnessed that FB, I havent made sufficient numpT capital out of it.

    CatHat - Good to hear there is another person of taste riding a SoftRide, as wasnt me at Chilterns. Was it a straight beam or curvy beam one?

    Muchos cheers for your responses and support. I was told of some of the comments during my race and it cheered me up ta. I must owe it all to you guys!

    Sorry I prostituted my text from TT at the last mo (I was still finishing off at work till 11.30 pm, and had yet to pack anything!!) , but it was in a good cause and to wave a new flag. As its impossible for you normal folk to keep up on the EnduroBabble threads. 

    Apologies Mon image, Day 9 bike it twas image 

    Mon - I have decided. I love you so much that I'm going to deny myself, and let you go. I failed to press your button on Day 5. Just couldnt find the On Switch to get you running again. So I'm not right for you, and I'm going to let Dave have you instead, as you said you loved him so much, even tho your brain was addled on that last rainy DNF run. I know you'll be bouncing back at something to catch your imagination soon. Keep off the Lard, as I think you AND Dave (2 person teams) should have a go at O till O for example:

    Look - No Cycling! image

  • I understand that TC is in fact a machine and made the deca look easy.

    Congratulations on your result


  • He was a machine.......he just sprinted past everyone on the run on Day 10..........still taking time to give encouragement......It was amazing to see........

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    TC - as I wasn't there - I just need to know 

    did you wear the denim shorts every day???


    seriously - top class bombing fella.  you did good.

  • Very well done TC on a phenomenal performance.

  • The denim shorts were out on day 10, not sure about days 1-4 as we weren't there, it's a quality look though image

  • From the look of them on Sunday, i think they need replacing image
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    Schmunks - they've needed replacing for a good few seasons.......image

  • They'd never be described as compression that's for sure

  • Some totally amazing performances, totally epic stories & totally blown away by TCs  marathon time on day 10 of the Deca. I couldn't do that as a standalone run!

  • Cheers folks. No the denim lycra only came out on Day10! Cheeky Pink Sally had secretly sown on pink tassles, so that was a friendly shock in T2!

    To be clear, I dont know why the results have my final marathon time down as 3h23. It is exactly 2 hrs short, and is 5h23. However, in the context of it being Day10, p1ssing down, muddy, and I was running downhill in a straight-legged style to nurse a potential hamstring injury, then I was still bombing around the course, frankly taking risks I didnt need to. Although I was keen to finish before darkness, given how treacherous it was getting. But it was such a buzz, and a fitting end to a wonderful 10 days for me.

    Thanks again for all the lovely pirate support. Just sorry that Mon and Symes didnt make it to the last wet day too image

    And in case any one is in any doubt, the real superstars of the event were Big Ted Page, Carl Atkinson, and my proud buddy Dave Miles. image 

  • TC you are a noble winner!! For others info it was TC that on my last lap of the course even though he was 10 days in and nearing the end that gave me the biggest cheer and congratulations as I passed him in the opposite direction. Thanks!

    All the Decas were great . I got to speak to Big Ted, Chris and Carl a few times on the day and I couldn't believe the spirits they were in, truly inspiring.

  • cheers m8, just spreading the EnduroMan love. image

    I was particularly in awe of the 4 Triplers, and any brave fool doing the 100 mile run! Seriously stupid on this course image

    'We are all EnduroMan!'

  • one of them was saying that they thought the 100 miler was tougher than the triple...........I can't see that myself at all........the triples have to run 79 miles at the end.............who would think that the extra 21 miles is harder than 350 miles on the bike and a 7.8 mile swim...............i would take the hundred miler anytime over the triple

  • is that what your doing next year then Seren image

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