Has Runners World Forum died?



  • Sorry Red Squirrel, can't go along with that. I understand the principle of what you are saying, but sometimes you have to make exceptions... Race for Life is such an important event/charity, it motivates so many women to get involved... sometimes there is a case for positive discrimination. You know what, if you want to get involved you can (as I did) run any event for Cancer research UK, they provide a very fetching pink runnning vest.
  • Yep, I started running cos I trained to take part in a RFL that I'd been talked into by a work colleague who already ran.  I discovered I really enjoyed it and I'm still running 3 years later.

  • I'm not a fan of pink King Kong.  I've run for Macmillan.


  • That's wonderful. And has all this running improved your health and well-being?
  • No I wasn't sponsored for the 10k, but then I wasn't sponsored for the Race for Life either.  I've only ever asked for sponsorship for one race and that was my first 10 miler as I thought it was a significant achievement for anyone.  I also didn't get sponsopship when I did FLM

  • Also an excellent organisation Red Squirrel... respect.
  • KK always the bridesmaid never the bride, or is that too cruel a piss take! x KK
  • As a bloke, I would find that really frustrating... major respect to you KK.

    Not that I've ever been near that level of performance. KK
  • Sorry DT, had not realised you'd missed the irony of:

    "This thread bores me, oh look there's another one."
  • KK I think we approach life with a different mentality!
  • Supercaz... to be sponsored or not to be sponsored that is the question?

    Does it feel nobler of spirit. How do we make that choice. I didn't think it was possible to run London without sponsors!
  • Lol King Kong.

    I do raise money for charity but not for running events.  I prefer to get sponsored for swimming events.

  • KK you calling me a moron?

    Supercaz, it is a bit of an odd one, when you move from running events for charity to doing them for yourself or your PB. At first it feels strange, almost selfish.

    But realistic you cannot do charity more than once or twice a year... people get fed up sponsoring you... and there's well is that really a challenge for you, comment.
  • KK did you miss my joke about your cook, or was it too isoteric?

    Your post on charity (that was a post with supercaz) is interesting... do you have a position?
  • Hey yifter. How's that refractory period going on? Still 11 years and counting?
  • DT, man, who do you think I am (was).

    "then have the nerve to say I don't post now." Wot?
  • JB.i don't think dreamtwister can be yifter/ jokerman/ any other nasty person..............he is not nasty of personal enough to people....the old jokerman would have had 20 people report the thread  by page 6........this must be some wanna be troll trying to be copy him...

    King Kong is a different kettle of fish who i can't suss out.......i think he's being so clever in his aims that its going over the top of this thickos head.......

    but if jokerman is out there at least your reappearance will make one fan happy..........

    and there is nothing to be happy about with this weather.........

    and as for the forums............when we were kids we never had forums......how on earth did people manage to run then........how could the RW team ever let them go this way afetr it had grown to be such a massive parts of everyones life.........they should be sued for negligience....they owe all of the member a life which is being spoilt by their lack of attention to making this place the  beesknees.......



  • KK, every day I love you more and more. KK
  • You are right DT, it is, as I said confusing... but it links into why people organise events. The Rod Berry, Langdale. Ian Milne, White Peaks, Doug Morris, Vyrnwy. Chris Dunkerley, Over the Edge... do it or have done it,...God knows why?... because they want to?

    But if you are in a "professionally organised" event, well that's a different story. The small guys love running and don't care if you have sponsors... I understand that. I understand raising money from a marathon, I understand organising one, because you love it... but I'm sorry I can't get my head around earning your salary based on the revenue stream that you can make from runners.
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    I've run two of the Run10K events and I've run in other events for the fun of running. I've found that once you start running faster than 2hr Half marathons and 1hr 10k the atmosphere within the race changes to be more competitive both amongst men and women. Slower than this and people seem to be more friendly, chatty and in it for the event atmosphere. Faster and people are definitely racing for time.

    Life's not all about competing, sometimes it's nice to chill and take in the day. Sometimes there's enough stress outside running without putting yourself through the pressure of running a fast time, othertimes it's good to challenge yourself. I'm not going to win any races soon, I like cake too much.
  • image Everybody playing nicely?

  • TimR, at your end of the field, shut up and run... When you get older it's a lot more social.Enjoy your running.
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