Good For Age London Marathon 2013



  • Got mine today. Now to spend another £6 on Special Delivery

  • Got mine today. hope everyone gets theirs sorted. 

  • Mine has come through too today. Seems like they are on the case
  • When do we have to return them by please ?

  • 27th July for completed application forms. Still sitting by my letter box like an expectant dog

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    Cougie: 27 July

  • Cheers peeps.

  • This might sound silly, but I received my good for age form today, does this count now as a guaranteed entry? Or does good for age go to a ballot??
  • Provided you get the form back in time you are in. I think you will even see your runner number on the form (I say think, as I'm still waiting to see mine!)

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    ROBBO: you're definitely in.

  • Cheers guys

    Just sent it there special delivery, with the postal order included, hope ivenot missed anything out,

    Good luck guys
  • Sent my stuff in on the 2nd and received gfa application today 7th good to know were in!
  • Has anyone received their "accepted magazine" yet??

    Letter says they're sent out in September, I haven't got anything yet. Getting slightly paranoid, as I asked them to use the fee I put in for the standard ballot to pay for my GFA place (they said this was fine on the phone, but I'm getting paranoid that it's all gone wrong!)

  • I have not received anything yet but will post here when I do. I would not worry at this point, as I was not expecting any notification until early October.
  • GFA acceptance form and magazine arrived in the post today for me! So hopefully yours will arrive shortly Nikki
  • Got my GFA acceptance through this morning too.

  • Got mine today too.
  • Same here.
  • Same.

  • I received it today!, (yay) I also received the rejection jacket for donating my normal ballot fee! So I've definitely managed to confuse them! Will have to call today and send jacket back!but I'm in!
  • Did you get a GFA time after you initially applied for the ballot ?

    No need to send back the jacket - I doubt they'll refund you.
  • Yeah, I got gfa time in may, after I'd already replied and donated my fee! When I submitted my gfa, I didn't pay anything because they said they'd allocate my original ballot fee, but then surely I shouldn't have got a jacket?!

    I did have a mini heart attack when I saw it when I got home last night!
  • Haven't received mine yet.  Anyone else still waiting?  They don't seem to have debited my account either.. image

  • Hi, i have my Good For Old Age place for 2013 too image
  • Question for those who've had GFA before: Are all the GFA runners all in together in their own pen or are GFA runners split by times? Ive just bettered by GFA time and wonder if worth telling them

    Ta muchly

  • There's a separate Fast GFA area at the front of the red start. Not sure what the cut off point is, maybe sub3h15. Presumably GFAs that aren't in this pen are in the other pens somewhere.

    Also, the Fast GFA has 3 pens in it as well but they pretty much merge into one as you're led round to the start.

  • Good question Johnas, I was wondering how the GFA start works as well, are you in with ballot people and charity runners, are there then "pens" according to your time? image

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