What shoes shall I buy

I would be grateful for any help fellow runners could give me on what shoes to buy.

I have only been in training for 2 weeks and had my 1st run over 6 miles on 22/09/02 at Ingatestone. I wore trainers that were not suitable for running and really struggled at the 3-4.5 mile stage as i had deep blisters (i didn't wear socks) and was suffuring from very sore feet. I managed to finish ok in 39:59 and learnt alot with regards to wearing the correct footwear.

Can anyone advise me of the best footwear to buy. (I weigh 13st)

Thank You


  • I think the most important thing is to have someone look at your running style and advise you properly. A good running specialist is the best bet. And why no socks? I got some New Balance shoes, that provide mild support, which is normally needed for heavier runners. Again, best place to start is a good running shop - not First Sport or JJB, but somewhere with 'real' runners.
  • Dean,

    Judging by your time, I would suggest that you're probably a naturally faster runner. When you're next out running make a mental note of how your feet are landing - are you landing on the balls of your feer (forefoot) or on the heel ?

    If its the forefoot I would strongly advise you to buy the lightest comfortable fitting running shoe that you can find e.g. Asics DS Racer, Asics Tiger Paw, Nike Air Streak or Mizuno Wave Phantom generally called racing flats. The key is to buy a shoe that is low to the ground without excessive cushioning around the heel. This will allow you to run correctly unhindered by big over cushioned shoes.

    If you're running on your heels then I agree with Chris that you should throw yourself at the mercy of a running shop. They'll probably recommend a neutral type shoe since you've not had any injuries.
  • Forgot to add, get some socks if you don't like blisters. There are specialized running socks, but I find ordinary cotton or polyester socks work well enough.
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