Running in Kent



  • Scotty,

    Aha, there you are. Yep, that's you alright - in case you were wondering! I think I'll hold back on adding a photo of mine for the time being... especially with "twinkly eyes!!

    I won't be there tonight, so see you next Tuesday.
  • Does the Sevenoaks club meet on a Tuesday AND Thursday?
  • Yes. Tuesday evening is a 7.5 mile run, around Knole Park in summer and on the roads around town in winter. Thursday evening is sprint training, for wnyone who wants to come along.
  • boing . . .

    The M25 was in chaos this evening so I missed an induction appointment at Sevenoaks Gym. Instead, did a 10 miler around Otford on my lonesome. I've always used Friday after work (approx 4-6pm) as a gym/treadmill sesh but have recently let my Holmes Place membership lapse. It struck me that running around Sevenoaks is (a) cheap and (b) beautiful. Anyone available for runs (a) early on Friday evening or (b) anytime Wed evening?
  • I'm afraid Fridays aren't so good for me Pathfinder because I travel a lot and Weds is a bit close to the Tuesday/Thursday program so I can't help there.
    Why don't you try joining us at the Sevenoaks Athletics Club? We start from the Sports Centre.
  • Hiya Kym,

    As last Tuesday was the final Knole Park run until the Spring, tomorrow will be the run around the town which apparently goes down to Riverhead, then Bessels Green, along to Bat & Ball then up that lovely long climb back to the swimming centre.

    I'm hoping to make it if I have fully recovered from a pb of 3:43 in yesterdays Sri Chimnoy Marathon in Battersea Park. (2 marathons in 2 weeks - ouch).
  • phew. That's impressive. Well done, on both the pb and doing 2 in 2 weeks. Your legs must be in need of a break!

    I was away last tuesday and will be away tomorrow and can't make the week after either which is a bit annoying, but can't be helped. My next club run will be 7th October which seems a long way away. In the meantime I have got up and done a couple of 06.30-7am/ish runs and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the sunrise!

    Take it easy and don't forget to stretch!!! :-)
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