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The Runner's World team


tired and lazy!

well it's sunday again, and i've been sanding the floor all morning just to avoid going out running....just too many dull aches....venture downstairs every hour or so to get a snack....then more sanding....need cat food i can go and get that, and i won't have to go out running for a while.....but weird thing is, when i feel like this i tend to have a good run after all....probably all the snacks, but think there's something more too it...
just glad i don't have to do a long one today....


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    When I feel like you Fluffa, I always go on a really easy jog rather than run. It's just nice sometimes to appreciate the feeling of running, just putting one foot in front of the other, doing what our bodies evolved to do in the Great Rift Valley. Eek! That sounded really sad! I'd love to know how fast I could actually run a 10k in, what my physical limits are. I just won't ever have the time to do the training to find out. Anyone else ponder such unanswerable questions?
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    it always feels like it might be a really good idea to push it further tomorrow.....running is there to be enjoyed, though....i know i can run faster than i do (i find this out whenever someone looks like they might overtake me...i make sure they don't and it doesn't hurt as much as i might imagine!!) but enjoying it is really the most important thing.... i didn't go out today, i had a rest and feel better for it....can have a nice 17 in the morning and i'm looking forward to it....i have just over 2 hrs of live underworld to listen to and i hope it rains!! and i can feel all virtuous and unusual when i go to work haha ;)
    (oh yeh, and all painful when i walk home...)
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    Underworld. Simply amazing. I'm gonna get me an MP3 player so I can run with music. Running along to your favourite tune must be great fun. Do you find running to music helps on long runs? What about speedwork? Are there any down sides to running with music?
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    BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Downside = cars, can't hear them. Upside = smart comments, can't hear them either, also takes mind off pain. Therfore on balance, music= grrrreat!
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    i tend to only use music on long ones as otherwise i get tired of it....when i first started i had a dire straits tape and was soooo sick of it....
    i've got a nice little md player now, and plenty of trancey stuff (which all sounds the same so you don't know what you're getting sick of ;)
    the underworld is a live gig from 1996 in germany....i'd forgotten about it until last month....was like an extra birthday...but even better as i wasn't a year older ...
    as for the down sides to running with's when the headphones go crackly in one ear....
    had such a cool run too...did 16 miles in 2h10....v. pleased ...i start quite slowly and start to getfaster at 5 miles ish.....wish i could sort out that start...think it's a confidence thing....did the last mile in 6.30 and it felt wicked....gets easier with time....weird eh??
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    HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi Fluffa,
    I'm pretty impressed that you're able to put in a 6.30 last mile after 15. Going off slowly is most probably the best thing to do as you conserve your energy for later in the run. Happy running!
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    it's dead weird, but i'm running like someone else at the moment....i'm not supposed to be able to do things like this....if it was someone else, i'd be it's me i'm simply incredulous....weirder and weirder....although the long run i did last week was a bit more like my usual....slow and painful.... ;)
    i think the thing about starting is that i'm never sure i'm not just going to mess up after half an hour or so, so i play safe.....
    oh, and happy running to you too!!
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    Is anyone going to own up to listening to Westlife or Britney when they run?
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    Uptown girl a veritable classic! of course not the suggestion is outrageous. I like to listen to the doors, sex pistols, jim Reeves, erm picked my mothers tape up by accident. However, for all roud running entertainment ther is no better running music than Queen.

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    I'd like to put in a vote for the radio! I have a little fm/am radio and jog along listening to Radio 4, Radio 2 the local pop station or the local dance music station, depending on how far/fast I'm going!
    Always something new- never get bored (except I get fed up with the pond-life IQ levels of the local radio DJs).

    Recently, I've started running once a week with a v. sexy guy from work, which certainly takes your mind off things! ;)
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    Have also just recently started running with radio & agree you Little Legs - very absorbing. Defo up for the running with sexy guy from work option - how did you figure that one? (Although not sure being red-faced, out of breath and sweaty are amongst my more attractive qualities)
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    Litlle Legs!!!

    I am shocked 'v. sexy guy'... 'takes your mind off things'???!!!

    What is this forum coming to??

    We aren't just pieces of meat you know!!!



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    there aren't any sexy guys where i work....maybe i'd better find a new job....
    when i used to go to the gym, i'd sometimes come across the cambridge lightweight crew.... not bad....could have done with a bit more meat, though ;)
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    Music to jog to,eh! After suffering a prolonged cough following a cold I had my first run yesterday. Five miles along the trail twixt Sheffield and Staveley I realised i had better return before my pins gave way. Mebbe I should set up my MD for next time to ease the boredom of a longish jog as well.
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    the way my legs hurt this morning, not even my md player will to get in a quick half (hour...) before i have to get train up north....speaking of which, i must get an os map to plan a long run...well go to get priorities right!!
    maybe i need to get out more ;)
    oh yeh, as for music etc...the bbc dramatisation of the lord of the rings is pretty wicked....and 13 hrs long, so you'll finish your run (unless you _really_ need to get out more) before the ring goes anywhere near mount doom.....maybe a comforting thought that there are hobbits worse off than you....maybe the l to b people should try it!
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