Cardiff Half Marathon October 2012



  • Expected a few more posts on here with it being so close to the day. How's everyone feeling? What targets are people setting themselves?

    My PB for half marathon is 1:49:14 which I did in Malvern in June this year. However, after limited running whilst I was away a couple of weeks ago, and a cold since which thankfully is 90% better, I'm not even considering a PB this time. Will be very pleased with sub 2 hours.

  • just checked last years time 2.07.48 so must beat that this time around

    looking at weather on BBC it looks like there may be a bit of rain which won't do us any harm, it was unseasonably warm last year

    looking forward to crossing the Bay again, last year I was to knackered to enjoy it

    travelling down from North Wales saturday, last training run last night, feet up until Sunday morning


  • Travelling over from Aylesbury on Saturday, staying with a mate in town. First half for about 4 years so should be fun! 1.45 is my aim 1.55 more likely!

  • Hi All,

    Does anyone have or know of anyone who has a spare place for the cardiff half this weekend?



  • So looking forward to it now I have decided to run x coming back from injury but up to 8 miles now so hoping can manage to make it all the way round x going to run slowly and pace myself x loads of people I know are doing it so it is really adding to the atmosphere x didn't enjoy last year with the dual carriage way image but this year it looks good x running for L.A.T.C.H in purple there are loads of us apparently xxxx

    Park and ride by Leckwith Stadium or near County hall would be useful as only takes about 10-15 mins to get in to centre depending on traffic but not sure what time they start running

    John Lewis car park in the centre is good to and not to far a walk from start x

    Leave plenty of time to get there arrive at least an hour before to find out where u have to be and use toilets x chaos last year x
  • I was the marshal at mile 3 today and a item was left on the side of the  road, if it's yours tell me what it is and I will try to return it to you.

  • What a cracking race!!! 


    The route was pretty friendly, the crowds were awesome and the marshalls were FAB!!!

    Back next year to beat 1:54 from yesterday!

  • I totally agree itsbeef, It was a cracking race, i loved it. 

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    PB for me - I got my sub 2 by the skin of my teeth - 1:59:57!!  But I did it and after 2.5 weeks of no running due to shin splints I was delighted as it's my home town.  Who put that comedy hill at 21k???

  • To Roy Silver,

    I lost something at roughly that point can you email me ?



  • Evening all.

    Ran Cardiff yesterday(1:57:42) and enjoyed it, tho the hills were a bit of a surprise!

    Anybody know how many runners they had? I keep reading that there were 18,000 (and that's what they announced at the start) but the results spreadsheet only has 13,770 including the DNFs. There can't have been 4,000 no shows surely?


  • Wordslinger, I was suprised by that as well, very strange !

    I want the gossip on the DQ as well ! !image

  • Yeah, the DQ - not seen that before. Wonder what went on there!
  • Jon g 5, did you get my message?

  • What DQ?  What am I missing? image

  • Lady WJ - the very last entry in the results spreadsheet was listed as a DQ. Wonder if they took the short cut across Roath Park! image

  • Ron - I've mailed you back now, I'm crossing everything image
  • Maybe the DQ jumped on the Water Taxi by the castle and had a lift to the Bay? :0)
  • Ooh, naughty person. Paris Marathon is the best for runners being disqualified, they name and shame them.

  • Wordslinger - I asked a similar question on a previous half marathon with a large number of participants and apparently a quarter or anything up to a third of no shows is quite normal!? Can't imagine what it'd have been like if 18,000 odd had actually turned up as it was crowded enough as it was.

    As for my race. Started out aiming for under 2 hours and looking to just 'enjoy' it, but some quick calculations at mile 7 suggested with a ridiculously good last 6.1 miles, I could beat my PB. In the end, I came up just short (34 seconds to be exact) with a time of 1:49:48. Very pleased with that and much better than I expected going into it. An improvement of nearly 14 minutes when compared to just a year before, and 20 minutes compared to my first half marathon in 2010.

  • Thanks, Legend777 - and congrats on a great time as well. I'm envious of your progress, h/m-wise. I managed to knock 4 mins off my PB, but there wasn't a huge amount left in the tank. I'm hoping I can get below 1:55 next year (next h/m is Llanelli, 3 March).

  • Breaking News: DQ no longer on the offical list!

    I thought it'd be funny to see if they were caught by the offical snapper furtively getting on a bus or something image

    I'm doing Llanelli too - it'll be a concerted effort to finally go under 1:40, (PB is 1:41) however its a new course so who knows



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