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  • My mum has stopped telling me to go and get tested for bowel cancer which she did to my sister and me for years.
    I know that I should do it, and also be more aware of my health from that point of view, as both my mum's parents had cancer, my dad had bowel cancer and my son had leukaemia. Dad is still going strong 30 years later, having been given a prognosis of 10 years. Son is starting GCSEs after 8 long years of treatment and eventually a bone marrow transplant.
    The strange thing is that even though I've seen my Dad and son get through treatment I'm not sure that I'd be able to face going through what they went through.
    Even worse with regards to my Dad was that my partner's dad was diagnosed with cancer and we went to see him in hospital the day after his first operation to remove the cancer. He was in ICU, completely sedated and unaware of anything. It was really scary as when Dad had the same thing done, Mum wouldn't let us see him so it brought it home to me just how he would have been.

  • Steve C - the point you are making is why there is no organised screening programme for prostate cancer.  However people can make an informed choice about being tested.  That is different to screening.



  • I am glad I have been screened as I am in a high risk category. My Dad died of a stroke, my mother had very high blood pressure, my brother has had a heart attack and triple bypass, 3 cousins and an aunt died of heart attacks, and that is only the ones I know about. My cholesterol level and BP are also high in spite of exercise and good nutrition. I am glad it was discovered so it could be controlled. I do not want to have a stroke and be helpless for 2 years like Dad was - he was so desperate he tried to kill himself but the doctors saved him to live in misery for longer. No thanks.

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