Sporty books that lend their motivation?



  • Feet in the Clouds - a tale of fell-running and obsession (Richard Askwith)

    The First Four Minutes (Roger Bannister)


  • Ghost Runner is a cracking read.

  • I second Chrissies - a life without limits, such a great book!!
  • Just finished Keep on Running by Phil Hewitt. I wouldn't recommend it as I found it rather tedious.

  • Feet in the Clouds is probably the best book I've read on both running and obsession, just finished Ghost Runner which I enjoyed and currently reading Cant... by Ironholgs, which is good also. Another very good book is "What I think about when I think about Running" by Haruki Murakami, you can't tell if he's a writer who runs Marathons or a Runner who write books, but it's a really enjoyable read. 

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