Bala 2013





  • Is this the Oly in September, Waff?

  • Do you know tha date yet? I was trying to find it the other day & wasn't sure if i was being enept, or it hasn't been announced yet?
  • slowerthanilook wrote (see)

    Is this the Oly in September, Waff?

    Im assuming its the middle distance (mid June)

  • Might be up for it if it doesn't clash with Enduroman (not that i'm doing it, might be helping out image )
  • Well if the Pirate IM race is Henley - then at least this isnt too close to it.  I should be up for it. 

  • I'm keen! image

  • Sounds good!! image

  • Sorry, yes the middle distance race, usually the second weekend in June.

    It was such a great pirate tradition and I'd love to see a big group there again next year. As others have said, it should be compatible with Henley although it is likely to clash with Enduroman.

    It would make a great venue for a post Lanza party....... image

  • MMm  Tis the wifes birthday weekend again........   But as I took her to see Coldplay this year rather than do Bala... Count me in

  • No need for a "sorry". My fault. The "2013" bounced off my thick skull. I know Muffin's keen on doing their Oly later this summer.
    The Half is local for me and it fits with my plan, so I really fancy it. I expect to be there.

  • Might be worth having a proper shot at it, assuming things can't be as bad as 2011 was.

  • enduroman has moved to the first weekend around the 2nd if bala sticks to teh second weekend then it should be perfect..........

    i love was my first race with the piratesimage

  • I may possibly might be up for this one. Already thought that it would be a good target for next year. Would be my first middle image
  • Me and MK Snail have been mooting this could be a goer
  • Hopefully.....

  • Haven't you got a lifetime of decorating to do, Cat? image

  • Perfectly placed for Henley

    I shall probably do some 'paying back' and support at this one   image

  • I'm keen! Do you know when entries open?
  • slowerthanilook wrote (see)

    Haven't you got a lifetime of decorating to do, Cat? image

    Ah, yes. Forgot about that......imageimage

  • I love Bala too - but I think doing it after Enduroman may not be the best idea image

  • Nice little cool down ?  image

  • Lightweight!image
  • Ooooo, do you mean what I think you mean, Purple?
  • Well, I'm looking for a half distance for my A race next year. I loved Bala first time around so am more than happy to jump aboard!


  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
    Ooooo, do you mean what I think you mean, Purple?

    I'll be at AT in 2013 image

  • I take it that everyone else has done either a middle or IM before?  I'm wibbling already...

  • GG Bala was my first and so far only middle! It's a great event!
  • OOh I might be up for this, could fir in well with Frankfurt.  Depends on the race new forest calendar though, as Id prefer to not have 6 hours each way in a car when I have lots of events on my doorstep

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