• Dunno, what's the more healthy reaction ?

    "Oh my god! Excuse me everbody I must go and take a cold shower while thinking of William Whitelaw"


    "Wey ~Hay ! Go on, hang your towel on that!"

    The Swedes probably do these things better: "Excuse me Ingrid could you make room, I have an erection"

    "Oh hello Sven, how are the children ?"

    "Oh they are fine, the boys are also tumescent, but the girls are obviously not"

    "Hå hå!, well goodbye Sven"


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Load of bollocks if you ask meimage

  • If you ask me Naturism is fine if you live in a warm country. If I lived somewhere where it was embraced I'd be there on the beach too. It just ain't never gonna be anything more than a slightly pervy experience in Britain.
  • OK SLR
    So how does it happen that the frozen wastelands of the North embrace nakedness with no emotional discomfort? I'm not talking about Newcastle here, I'm on about Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, etc.

    Is it the culture of the Vikings, or the religion of Sauna?

  • I think it's the religion of the sauna. I don't know if the Scandos have more reliable summers than we do here. I'm no expert on Scandos.
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