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  • The thread is over three years old so hopefully running and triathlon are getting more diversity....I am definitely seeing more females at running and triathlon races...

  • Kattefjaes,


    Our yellow smiley face and white ultra T-shirts are indeed cotton, we do not have any technical T-shirts in club colours.

    Sikhs In The city (SITC) is proud to have made Valentines Parkrun the most diverse in the UK with our Parkrun group having people from nine different faiths and none.  It is also the biggest club at Valentines and we enjoy fantastic friendly relationship with all other local athletics clubs as we consider ourselves the 'feeder' club for them. SITC also represents the UK at the ING Luxembourg Interfaith Marathon Relay because of the diversity within the club.  SITC members have repeatedly voted against affiliation to UKA because of the lack of any meaningful representation in its decision making structure despite having an Equal Opportunities policy that looks nice on paper and (rightly) wanting the same from its member clubs.

    I, as President of SITC am in a dilemna for having completed 100 marathons, I have had to have 100MC as first whatever - am not complaining but just saying.

    Yes, those pesky fast kids - our youngest member is our fastest - at 11 he was sub 20 at Parkrun, his 13 year old brother is 3rd fastest in our club.

    On Sunday 20 December SITC organised its 3rd Dawn To Dusk Ultra/Marathon/22km and 10km races - we are pleased to see that 80% of runners from all over the UK were white/ image 

  • It is good to see more diversity in running....I think sport is a great way to get people from different backgrounds etc together......where everyone is doing the same thing with similar goals.......

     and parkrun i think has probably helped lots more people into running

    I rememeber the Sikhs running the Edinburgh marathon and relay in my first marathon in 2006...It greatly encouraged me to see them running as they were running so strong....and they were not youngsters  image  image


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    Back in the day people found xyz harriers too stuffy and elitist so they started running clubs.

    These days mass participation has brought further waves of people in and they find all of that stuffy and elitist - they either train on their own or join 'crews' such as Run Dem or Fat Girls Run Too or whatever.

    I like what SITC have done but I'd much prefer that skin colour didn't come into it and things like that became an irrelevance.
  • Thank you Nayan,

    Skin colour, or anything else doesn't matter to SITC either, we just named our club after it was featured in a programme of the same name by the BBC, previously we were Team Fauja - the oldest marathon runnrer.



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    Out of curiosity, how can anyone know that Valentine's parkrun is the most ethnically diverse? In London it would be fairly likely hat most parkruns would have a large mix of participants from various ethnic and religious backgrounds.

    Good on Sikhs in the city for their enthusiasm and efforts to be so inclusive.

    As fa as the premise of this thread goes, most British elites in all fields of sport and professional life are White mddle or upper class too so it is not really a surprise that the broad church of running is that way too.

    Colour or creed should not matter but it does. Everyone is a little bit racist as they sing in Avenue Q.
  • Can't help but think this all just depends where in the country you live.

    The UK is 82% white with Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland being more than 90%. London is 70% White so if you are taking part in a run anywhere in the UK outside of London then 90% of participants being white pretty much fits in with the demographic.
  • Absolutely,

    With SITC having 137 members from nine different faiths and ethnic backgrounds at Valentines Parkrun, the next biggest club (Dagenham 88) in the 90's, Ilford AC, East London Runners etc all very ethically mixed has meant Valentines Parkrun is the most ethnically diverse Parkrun in the country.

    Last week, the SITC Dawn To Dusk Sunlight Ultra (plus marathon, 22km and 10km races) had 109 runners coming from as far afield as Co. Durham, North Wales and the South Coast had 25% minority ethnic participants - and a good time was had by all - just read the feedback.

  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    I still don't get how you know that no other parkrun of club in London (or elsewhere for that matter) is more religiously diverse. Where I run there are lots of people from different parts of the world but I've never heard of a religious census taking place so can't state whether we can beat 9/10 groups.
  • We checked on the names of finishers of about 100 (diverse) population areas and granted that anglo-saxon names can apply to almost any background - asian sounding names are quite distinct and religio-specific.

    We stand by the fact that our club ticks all EOP boxes that UKA advocates but the UKA does not tick all our boxes despite having a flowery EOP on paper.

  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    Aah OK. An educated guess. Fair enough. In that case my parkrun is more diverse than yours image
  • Lol.


    Which one?

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