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  • I can position the number belt so that the number hides some of my stomachimage

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    @Seren - how do you stop the number from moving when you wear the belt?

  • i think i just repostion in every now and again........I only wear it in certain races......i don't mind safety poins..............the number belt is handy for marathons as it has places for my gels...........and of course triathlons 

  • I'll run my first half marathon in two days, so I couldn't decide how to get the number attached. After reading all these comments about safety pins damaging tops, I decided to pin my number on to a running hi-vis vest which I will wear additionally with my top of course. Should be fine I reckon

  • The solution is called the EventClip

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    Do you have any connection with the company Onemoremile?
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    They have started spamming over on the Marathon Talk forum now!
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