Wiggo..... Arrogant?



  • I'm here all week....

  • I don't think he is, and I think he comes across as very 'normal' in this little clip, even if he says so himself image:

  • Hi FF, sorry I thought even the grandstand area would have had tickets open for sale to the general public?  In regards to bigwigs and sponsors etal all events have these.

    PhipPub, my understanding of corporate hospitality tickets is that they are still paid for and so why should they be seen as any less as 'fans' lining the street?

  • Jwheezy just watch a televised wembley international, the Corporate area or Club Wembley whatever they call it empties before half time and doesn't fill up again until 10-15 minutes into the second half. It is disrespectful to players and other fans alike, and shows the Corporate fan is more interested in his refreshments than the result, hence why sportsmen disregard the corporate fans.

  • EG, I understand your point but without the higher priced tickets (typically corporate boxes/hospitality and sponsors areas) cheaper tickets wouldn't be as cheap and not all visitors via corp hospitality or sponsors are the same.

    Anyway sorry I've taken the discussion away from the OP question.

  • I'm really glad that after I've flogged my guts out to negotiate a difficult contract at work, I don't have a whole host of people ready to tell me that I should have smiled more or been less arrogant about it.

    Bradley Wiggins is a BRILLIANT cyclist. Why does he have to be "nice" or "humble" as well?

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Same reason as anyone else I suppose - being good at something doesn't excuse being nasty or arrogant  - though personally I think Wiggo comes across as quite modest and grounded.   

  • Not saying he's not nice or humble, but his job is to race and concentrate on cycling not to suck up to TV presenters. He gives it his all, achieves something amazing, gets through the interviews (and I agree with you actually, I thought he came across very well), and then people are criticising him for being "arrogant" - maybe he's just not that brilliant performing in front of the cameras? Should our athletes start building in PR and schmoozing practice into their training schedules?

    Perhaps we have got so used to inane reality tv shows that are scripted and edited down to the tiniest detail that we don't recognise a "normal" reaction when we see it. I wonder how many of the people using the forum would come across well on TV if they were being interviewed.  

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Absolutely agree with you on that.

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