Kilomathon London 26.2

I like the look of this event.  Gives me a chance to stretch beyond half-marathon as part of my marathon training for December.

Also, as I'm not getting any quicker, it gives me a chance of a PB - can't be bad!  image



  • Looks like I might win it then!!  I'm the only entrant image

  • I'm thinking about this but my longest run so far has been a half marathon so am a little scared!!

  • Hi Kate - i'm feeling a little that way as I'll only have run up to half-marathon recently.  Hoping the last 3 miles are downhill image

  • it seems a big increase but I guess its only 5k. I will sign up today (probably!!!!) Good luck image)

  • thanks Kate...image

  • Does anyone know the closing date for entries


  • I don't John sorry.

  • It still seems to be open. Quite tempted to do this- can't do the Great South Run on account of train strikes and logistics, something on home turf is a good compromise.

    Is this the first London Kilomathon?
  • I think it started in 2010 Anna

  • Did a bit of homework - I thought I'd seen it advertised before, but it was pulled before it happened last year. Have registered though, so am definitely in image

  • Good luck Anna - fingers crossed for a good run image

  • Good luck to you too image Am going to use it to gauge recovery after this years marathons.

    You feeling ready? image

  • I think so - quite pleased with my recent half-marathon and 10m races. 

    How about you?  when was your last marathon?  I've entered the marathon in Portsmouth on 23/12 and I did Rome in March.  Been a bit lazy over the summer though image

  • I did Chicago last Sunday, and Berlin the Sunday before that, so having a bit of a rest now image

    Reasonably pleased with my recent half marathon time (Great North Run). Will be hoping to better my marathon time for London next year though. Kilomathon distance seems ideal to maintain the training distance rather than get lazy (which I have the potential to do easily!) and have to start from scratch again....

  • Wow - a good rest needed there then!! image

    It is def too easy to get lazy....image

  • This thread's rather quiet...

    I'm doing this race next Sunday.  I've done four HMs so this seemed like the next step. Training hasn't been great though.  I've done a fair few 12-13 LSRs but nothing more than that.  I'm really nervous about those last 3 miles but I have no time target in mind and am thinking I can walk the last bit if necessary. Hopefully adrenaline will keep me going on the day.  How's other peoples' training going?  And also, I have never used fuel on any run- training / races.  But am wondering if I should consider it over this distance?  What are the rest of you doing?

  • Hi Nessie

    I'm in the same boat as you really.  Did a couple of HMs recently, and a few runs up to 10m but will get round eventually.

    I wouldn't change your fuel strategy at this point. Stick with what you do in training.

    Good luck on Sunday - image

  • Just looking at the entry info.  I can't believe they are charging runners to be shuttled between the finish and start image If they have designed the course that way you should get a free shuttle, or start and finish the race in the stadium.  Just another way to extract more money out of people!

  • Classic GSi I'm afraid. They organise the Edinburgh marathon and are finding new ways yearly to get as much money as possible out of participants and spectators. Lets hope the organisation is a little better for this race...
  • @Jogging Hippo-- yes agreed about the shuttle.  I was planning to leave my car at the start, and hubby was going to come to support near the end and pick me up / drop me back at my car.  We live quite nearby.  I've just found out from their FB page that he won't be able to park at the finish, and they're advising that he too (plus kids) pays for a shuttle! grrrr... all of a sudden it's all looking like  a lot of hassle!

  • First impressions of today's event:

    - Bravo to the marshalls and drink station helpers for standing out in the cold for hours whilst we enjoyed our hobby.

    - I enjoyed running through the country park, with the canal towpaths too, made me feel at home!

    Unfortunately for me, that's the last happy thought about today's event. Why did they only provide a single bus, that held about 20 people!  Standing in the cold, after a long run, is not anyone's idea of fun. Apparently the driver was on a "break".  Couldn't have have taken the break when the runners were out on the course, rather than at the point when they need the bus?

    I met a couple of others who didn't bother waiting, and we luckliy bagged a taxi within a few minutes of leaving the park.

    Unless the organisation of the finish location improves, i won't return tio this event.


  • I second your first impressions, if you know what I mean, a big thank you to the marshalls and helpers most of whom looked frozen but smiled nevertheless. Also a nice flat, mainly traffic free course, in a countryside setting so what could possibly go wrong.......

    Why finish a race in an empty field miles from anywhere anyway, then mess up the transport.  There where two buses ( max capacity 30 persons each), however one of the buses could not depart for 30 mins because the driver was over his driving limit on the buses tachometer and he was obliged to have a 30 break, so for the first half hour only 30 people were taken back to the start. Even with both buses running the round trip was 30 mins so the most people that could havve been transported in an hour was 120. I wouldn't have liked to have been at the back of the queue and just think if it had been raining too. As I'm sure the organizers will be monitoring any feedback I think we can all look forward to getting our £3s back by way of apology.


  • Oh, also anyone know if there were any prizes?. I came first in my age group but no one seemed to know.

  • Thanks  John - yeah good question -why in that field?

  • We spent 2 hours waiting to get a bus back. The poor girl who was left to face us al least eventually managed to get us out of the cold to wait, unfortunately I was so cold by then it was a bit late. I paid a total of ??12 for transport today as my 2 sons also came to watch. It took them over an hour to get there as apparently the driver didn't know where to go. They were left in a field in the cold with nothing to do not realising the sports centre was a short walk away as no one told them. As the eldest hadn't been feeling well and had only come to support me he wasn't happy either. I hope there is an apology and a refund for transport by wont hold my breath
  • It's bad enough for us Kaza but we choose to run.  For supporters it could put them off coming to watch again.

    I remember soon after the start seeing the Supporters Bus stuck in a queue of traffic.  Probably not an issue for those supporting the 26.2 runners, but a real risk of them missing the finish of any faster runners in the 13.1 event.

    It's a shame that what could be a very unique (and popular) event, is ruined by shoddy organisation.

    I did get a PB though!!  (First time at this distance.)

  • It must the caffine kicking in on a Monday, but the more I think about this the nore I feel angry.

    Has anyone e-mailed the organisers to complain?  I will, and I'm interested to see how they respond.

  • I am glad I decided not to go (well, had a halloween party hangover anyway!) after all reading these comments!

    Unfortunately I am not suprised - the "organisers" are the same group that rip off anyone doing the Edinburgh Marathon- some errors being sloppy and others actually dangerous.

    Good luck getting a reply- my angry emails after Edinburgh were replied to with a fairly indifferent generic email that didn't respond to the points made.

    Well done on your PB though AndyP!
  • Thanks Anna

    I was tempted to have lie-in too as I got back from a party at 1am.  Trying to get the black& white "skull" facepaint off at that time (and after some beers image) was hilarious.

    I think I still had some around my eyes so I probably looked even wierder than normal yesterday.

  • Feedback sent - let's see what comes back...........

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