Trainers vs Running shoes

Hi - advice sought. I'm fairly new to running and in 3 months have built up to approx 15 miles / week divided int o 3 to 4 sessions on the road. I'm also doing 2 or 3 gym sessions a week and play social rugby on a Saturday. I'm taking care to recover properly and managing the " workload" so as not to overdo it. Two questions - should I use my running shoes in the gym for X training, rowing, weights etc or stick to my trusty X trainers also does anyone have any advice or experience of fitting rugby (or any other sport) into a running schedule. For the record Im 33 and approx 15 stone. Thanks

Michael O'Riley


  • Hi Michael

    Good for you mate.
    You seem to be doing extremely well.

    In answer to your questions,
    1) no don't use your running shoes for the gym work, you should really only run in them otherwise you can put stresses on them that they are not used to, or built to handle. The running shoes will also be more expensive than the X trainers - so even more reason not to wear them out by X training in them.
    2)No advice of fitting rugby in with running but certainly by doing more than one sport you will have a more rounded fitness - which in turn will make you less likely to break down with injury.

    Good luck and regards
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