Race the Train 2013



  • Lovely, Thanks Chrissi.

  • Mine came today!image

  • I've got my number too image

  • Yep mine arrived yesterday image

  • Hi guys, just a bit of info for those who aren't aware;

    It's V festival weekend at Weston Park this weekend (M54) so I'd advise a different route or leaving earlier.  might be busy!

    Have a good race all, see you in the beer tent for that conga!

  • thinking of you all folks, hope the rain and wind hasn't been too troublesome!

  • Well loved the event but the 2nd half was certainly a killer especially with the rain and wind picking up.  I managed to only fall over once which was quite a feat between miles 7 and 9.  Disappointed to miss beating the train by 77 seconds image but I'm going to blame the two 9.5 minute miles on the weather as that was what did it for me.  I will be back to give it another go at some point I'm sure.

  • First time for me only did the 10k loved it had a great dagot I muddy, lovely friendly people great medal and goody bag. May try 14 miler next year  but will definitely be back


  • Hi Loz, gutted for you mate.  I beat it just by a minute.

    Next year I'm sure you'll be back, as will DK and Tipton.

    Come on Gladys, 14 miles is a lot more fun!

    Shout out to the organisers and marshalls, also drink station helpers, thanks for your hard work.

    Shout out to the Bumble Bee crew, made the night that bit more insane than previous years.



  • well done for beating the train Loz that's amazing I mat do the 14 next time seems like good fun so what if I'm last. Will definitely be back though.

  • I agree it is a good event; I have done either the 14 miler or the 10K every year since 1996 except 2. However, please can the organisers get the distance markers correct. All the races end at the same point, but the 5 mile race 2 mile marker (obviously 3 miles to go) was further from the finish than the 10K race 5K marker (5K = 3,1 miles to go) Makes trying to work out pace on the hoof a bit difficult. I also suspect others were incorrect, but not quite as obviously so.

  • It was brilliant fun in the mud, gale force wind and rain.
    Thank you to the friendly marshalls, locals and organisers.

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