Best place for sea swimming?



  • I thought we had aliens on one sea swim, was doing the Full Moon Swim at Hayling Island with Caz and someone's glow stick detached itself from their goggles so all I saw as I swam back to shore with only moonlight  was a green glowing light in the water !  I realised what it was as I got closer but it was a spooky moment.

    Punchikng a swan at outlaw sounds like a good idea, I approve image

  • Lovely swim at Lyme Regis this morning. Agree Weymouth usually pretty sheltered and so pretty reliable to get a swim in. However, although I don't go in when it's rough (getting out when knackered against the strong undertow on steep beach seems a bit risky) for me you can't beat West Bay/ Burton Bradstock or Eype at the top of Chesil on a calm day.

  • limperlimper ✭✭✭

    I kicked a porpoise just off shore when I was quite little. It was about a week after my big bro snuck me, under age, into the cinema to see 'Jaws'. I've not been the same since!
    There was a summer of basking sharks close to our beach as well.
    I'll limit myself to sitting in the bath thank you very much. 

  • Can you see the sea from your bath Limper?  Just to 'enhance the experience?

  • limperlimper ✭✭✭

    Nah, not quite. But I can hear it. 2nd best sound in my world.

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